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Gentleman Jack season 2 episode 2 recap: Will Ann Walker really be forced into marrying a man?

When Ann met Tib (Picture: Lookout Point/HBO,BBC/Lookout Point/HBI/Sam Taylor)

Gentleman Jack made for a delightful Easter Sunday addition as it returned for episode two – here’s our recap of all the action from tonight.

The hit Sally Wainwright drama made a long-awaited comeback earlier this month after nearly three years away from our screens.

Season two’s debut found us catching up with Anne Lister (Suranne Jones) as she began her quest to make her marriage to Ann Walker (Sophie Rundle) work, as she prepared for her wife’s return to Shibden Hall.

Walker’s stern Aunt Ann Walker’s (Stephanie Cole) constant disapproval was a running theme, which continued to remain an even bigger talking point tonight as more of her family caught a whiff of her plans to move in with Lister.

Elsewhere this evening, the pair were treated to an interesting encounter with Lister’s former lover Tib (Joanna Scanlan) – who we already love – as well as the development of family feuds and sinister plots being put into motion.

But will the couple manage to finally make a home for themselves – despite their secret love threatening to be exposed?

Tib urges Anne to look to the past

What does Tib know that we don’t? (Picture: BBC)

Last week fans saw Lister give some hints that Tib was sure to be a rather bold character – much the opposite of her new love – but Tib and Ann were finally given the chance to meet, this time in Paris.

The newcomer wasted no time injecting an instant boost of energy before poking at Anne about the ‘rich tapestry of your fruity past’.

Lister sternly told her to ‘keep it’ secret from Walker, who remains in the dark about much of her wife’s very interesting past life.

Tib went on: ‘Isn’t she a bit insipid for you? She’s not really one of your sweet interesting creatures, is she… I’m always happy for you. But what about Mariana, is she happy for you?’ – will this lead Lister to rethink whether she really is happy with her wife?

Family feuds intensify 

Mariana tried her best (Picture: BBC)

Lister’s beloved sister Marian (Gemma Whelan) paid a visit to Elderly Ms Walker (Stephanie Cole), to ask if she’d seen her aunt’s letters.

‘My aunt would have popped over herself but she’s lucky she can get out into the garden these days with her ulcers,’ Mariana explained. ‘She was anxious to know if you’d been receiving her note… What with there being no reply, she wasn’t sure one way or the other.’

She confirmed she had received all the correspondence, before launching on another rant about her niece: ‘You do know that no one in Ms Walker’s family knew anything about this jaunt until after they’d set off… how dare you tell me it’s not true…

‘Why am I being sent messages anyway, why is my niece not communicating with me herself?’ before adding: ‘Your sister is very manipulative.’

We can’t wait for the inevitable clash between the aunties – bring it on.

Ann Walker ‘needs a husband

The Priestleys had no time for Lister (Picture: BBC)

In the world of Gentleman Jack, no one knows how to gossip quite like a Halifax local, and that became even truer tonight.

Mr (Peter Davidson) and Mrs Priestley (Amelia Bullmore) led the coup of cousins, with the former saying: ’Elderly Ms Walker warned us, she said, she’ll have her in Paris before we know it and has a truer word ever been spoken?

‘Who knows where they are now? Geneva, apparently. Halfway up Mont Blanc according to Marian.’

It was noted: ‘Her aunt did everything for her, everything and now she’s getting on and can’t on so much. She needs companionship and a helping hand, she’s abandoned, she’s ignored.’

This then led the room to agree Ann needed a husband, with plans for a potential suitor already underway – but could she really end up having to marry a man she doesn’t love?

The couple gets caught in the act

Uh oh! (Picture: BBC)

While the pair paid a visit to Crow Nest to assess what items Walker wanted to move to Shibden.

But they both let the excitement overtake them as they moved closer to living with each other at last.

The pair were caught in a passionate embrace by two of the youngsters at the house, who’d hidden in the Japanese Room for fear of being told off themselves.

Could the truth about their relationship soon be exposed to all, after their kiss was witnessed?

Mariana finally lets go – even if not everyone else can

We just don’t think Anne Lister can give up that easily (Picture: BBC)

Walker had begun to grow suspicious of the content of Mariana’s letters, after noticing how emotional Lister was after reading a recent arrival.

While Lister assured her wife everything they had was in the past and explained Mariana’s ill health, Walker was still left slightly unsure.

In a – potentially – final letter, Mariana promised to leave her past love alone, even though we don’t think either party really wants that.

‘Dear Freddie, we left Scarborough earlier than anticipated… I now know it is my duty to dote on your less… though we will never meet again, my wishes and prayers for you will not cease again, entirely and affectionately yours,’ she wrote.

After finishing her reading of the dramatic letter, Lister’s hand was sliced open as she dropped the paper-knife.

We’re sure this won’t be the last we’ll see of Mariana – but who will Lister choose?

Gentleman Jack returns next Sunday at 9pm on BBC One.


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