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Piers Morgan slams The View over ’embarrassing’ Joe Biden discussion after ‘son of a b***h’ gaffe

Piers Morgan blasted an ‘embarrassing’ discussion on The View, following Joe Biden’s recent gaffe.

The US President made headlines after he called Fox News reporter Peter Doocy a ‘stupid son of a b***h’ at the end of a White House press conference earlier this week – before apologizing personally to the journalist.

The panel on The View, made up of Whoopi Goldberg, Sunny Hostin, Joy Behar and Sara Haines discussed the scenes today, with guest co-host Lisa Ling calling for a public apology over his comments.

Some of her co-stars didn’t agree, leading to a heated debate as they all tried to get their point across – with Piers left unimpressed by the resulting ‘pile-on’.

Taking to Twitter, the former Good Morning Britain presenter quote-tweeted a clip of the segment, and penned: ’This is embarrassing for The View & exposes its absurdly partisan liberal bias.

‘Good for @lisaling in refusing to bow to the whataboutery pile-on.’


President Biden made headlines at the very end of a press conference on Monday, when Peter Doocy squeezed in a last minute question regarding inflation.

‘Do you think inflation is a political liability ahead of the midterms?’, he asked, to which Biden said: ‘It’s a great asset – more inflation.’

It was then that the politician shook his head and could be heard saying: ‘What a stupid son of a b***h’.

The reporter later laughed it off during an appearance on Fox News, and added that he received a personal phone call from Biden to apologize.

However, discussing the blunder on the View, Lisa called out the president’s reaction to a legitimate question.

‘It’s not like he just dismissed it as a dumb question, he name-called,’ she began. ‘I just think, as a mom to young kids, these are the people who should be setting examples for our kids.

’It’s like, yet more examples of men behaving badly and mothers eventually having to clean it up, because it’s giving license to kids.’

Sunny agreed that it was ‘beneath the dignity of the presidency’, but praised him for apologizing to the journalist directly – something Lisa argued should be extended to the nation.

‘It’s true, but I think he should apologize to everyone,’ she insisted. ‘Not just to Peter Doocy.’

As talk turned to former president Donald Trump’s time in office, Whoopi then chimed in to argue that this should not be the case, stating: ‘No, I’m sorry. He should acknowledge he’s human, because that happens sometimes, when people ask you endless stupid questions, from one particular place.

‘Sometimes, you just lose it for a second. The difference is, he said, “OK, let me call him and apologize, because that happens”. I think that, for me, is the representation of what a human being, as president, should be.’

‘There are stupid questions but he was asking about inflation which is a real issue, and the midterm elections which are right around the corner,’ Lisa added. ‘It’s not like he was asking about something conspiratorial.’


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