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Felicity Hayward Talks About Her Partnership With Pantene and Shares Her Surprising Hair Icon

There’s probably no better time than these extended work from home days to experiment with new beauty products during. Just ask London-based model Felicity Hayward. She’s a keen Tuesday-afternoon face masker, and I, personally, am a keen Thursday-afternoon hair masker, so I can relate – because why not give your hair or face a pamper whilst writing some emails. That’s why Hayward’s new partnership with Pantene for its new Lift ‘N’ Volume collection couldn’t be more perfect. POPSUGAR spoke to Hayward about her career so far, products that have brought her joy during the pandemic, and her new partnership with Pantene.

“I started bleaching and backcombing my hair to get a blonde mullet to look like Rod Stewart when I was a teen.”

On Her Career So Far:

“I started plus-size modelling in 2011/2012. I was first scouted in an East London pub dancing to Diana Ross,” Hayward told POPSUGAR. “The photos were shot by a photographer called Miles Aldridge and the pictures went viral because he’d never used a plus-size girl before. After the shoot came out, I got scouted and became one of the UK’s first plus-size models – plus-size women were not used in beauty campaigns then.” She continued, “Every time I was interviewed about a project that I was doing, the interviewer would always ask me about my diet and my weight. It had nothing to do with the actual beauty campaign, but they were asking me about how many times I go to the gym. It didn’t make sense.” Because of this, Hayward started the Self-Love Brings Beauty movement, which is an inclusive space that focuses on the celebration of self-love.

“Representation is a really, really important part of body positivity, especially within beauty, using models that are obviously different sizes and skin tones and height and weight. But also models that have different skin conditions,” she added.

On Why She Wanted to Partner With Pantene:

“My hair has always been a big part of my story and my journey,” Hayward said. “I’m a natural brunette, but I always wanted to have that bleach-blonde glam look. I think everyone always assumes that it’s because I was really into Hollywood and glamour, and that I wanted to look like Marilyn Monroe, when actually, I was really obsessed with Rod Stewart. I started bleaching and backcombing my hair to get a blonde mullet to look like Rod Stewart when I was a teen.”

On Her Favourite Lift’N’Volume Pantene Product:

“I have really, really damaged my hair throughout the years. I’ve always wanted to stay blonde, and I have ruined my hair in the process, and because of that it has become quite fine, which is why this collection is so perfect,” Hayward said. “I’ve always wanted to keep that volumised look, because that’s who I am, so I always want to show the appearance of having much bigger hair than I have.” That’s why she loves the Pantene Hair Multiplier Hair Treatment with Biotin, because it promises to give the effect of having 6,500 more hair strands. “I also love the shampoo and conditioner, which comes in a sulphate-free version, too.”

On the Products That Brought Her Joy During Lockdown:

Immediately after hopping on the phone, Hayward told me that she panicked right before our chat thinking it was a video call, which would have been hilarious since she was wearing a vibrant blue face mask (the Ole Henriksen Cold Plunge Pore Mask, if you also want to achieve that WFH glowy smurf vibe). “I would say that doing self-care at really random times has become quite a thing for me during lockdown, because I feel like I was only ever doing it on a Sunday night before. But now, it’s 3pm on a Tuesday afternoon and I’m going to give myself a bit of a pamper.”

On What She’s Missed Most About Beauty During the Pandemic:

“I missed getting my hair done. I love getting my hair done.” Although Hayward said she missed her hair salon appointments during lockdown, she admitted that the break actually did her hair some good. “I did miss getting my hair done, but at the same time, it’s quite good that I didn’t, because it’s grown quite a bit,” she added. “Oh, and a pedicure definitely, because I feel like you can’t do a pedicure at home, so I missed that.”

Felicity Hayward teamed up with Pantene to launch the new Lift ‘N’ Volume collection, a line- of products formulated with rosewater and biotin that helps to give the appearance of fuller hair. The Pantene Lift ‘N’ Volume range is available to buy at Superdrug and Morrisons.

Credit: Original article published here.

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