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How to Nail No-Makeup Makeup

If there’s one beauty trend that won’t fall out of favour, it’s no-makeup makeup. The subtle art of looking like you’re wearing almost nothing, takes a whole lot more work than you might think. We’re delving into the origins of no-makeup makeup innovator Laura Mercier, how she made the method her own and how you can nail the trend yourself. 



Raised in Provence, France, Laura Mercier originally started her career as a painter, honing her skills in Paris as a teen. Leaving the easel for another type of canvas, Mercier specialised in makeup at a prestigious beauty school where she worked alongside prestigious names.  

She soon left France for New York and the glossy magazines of Vanity Fair, Glamour and Elle, as well as being the choice makeup artist for Vogue covers and editorials for 10 years. She crafted stunning looks designed to capture the natural beauty of each individual model – a skill for which she is now renowned.  

With her reputation, come a slew of stars who want to work with her: think Mariah Carey, Celine Dion and Sarah Jessica Parker to name a few.  As a professional makeup artist, Laura began to observe that several products — particularly in the face category — were missing from the traditional cosmetics marketplace.


As an innovator, Laura changed the makeup industry forever with her introduction of the first foundation primer to create the perfect canvas for makeup application. Those who work closely with Laura know that she is deeply passionate about the idea of a ‘no makeup’. A healthy, radiant glow — or ‘bonne mine’ in French. Inspired by her work with celebrities, Laura continues to create products for the client who wants to keep her glow year-round or enhance the gorgeous gleam they already have. 




If there’s one thing you can learn from Laura Mercier, it’s the importance of nailing your base. Glowing, radiant skin is the key to no-makeup makeup, and it’s achieved with good skincare, reliable primer, and a skin-match foundation that’s light and creamy. 

First prep the skin with your daily routine (if you don’t have one, it’s time to get one! We recommend at the minimum, cleanse and moisturise to prep, or if you have more time, indulge in a sheet mask). Next, it’s time to invest in a skin-perfecting primer to mattify the pores and leave a sleek, smooth complexion. 

After primer comes foundation, and for this we have a top tip: be stingy with your amounts. Makeup artists often only apply a small amount of product, and this is where it will really help make the foundation look more like natural skin. 



When it comes to adding colour to the cheeks, keeping the shade soft and subtle is key. If you’re a fan of blush, use it sparingly and brush along the cheekbones, or blend a cream blush for something more vibrant. If you’re opting out of lip colour, you can also dab a little cream blush on your lips, too. 



A bold brow can change the face, and with no-makeup makeup, we want to lift and awaken the eyes, without making it look too unnatural. If powder is your weapon of choice, blend sparingly, or for a bushy, wild edge, brush the hairs upwards using your spooly and some soap. 



If you’re so inclined, a touch of highlighter can enhance a natural glow in seconds. Opt for a gold shimmer, with a tiny amount on the brow bone, cupid’s bow and the cheeks for a delectable shine when the light hits. 


As we said earlier, if you’re not into a lip colour, a touch of blush will leave the lips looking flushed, but there’s also a number of products out there that allow for a perfect lip colour match. We think Laura Mercier’s A La Rose shade works perfectly for this. 

LiB Tip: exfoliate the lips first, before applying your favourite balm, or for a mini statement, finish with a gloss.

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