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People are using a bowl to create perfect curls with this TikTok hack

All you need is a bowl and some curly hair product (Picture: @curlyzia.xo TikTok)

For those with naturally wavy or curly hair, it can be a nightmare to keep the twirls tame and defined.

From frizzy texture to stringy curls, those gifted with such hair don’t feel blessed.

However, one woman has shared a method that promises to give perfect curls and no fancy treatment or tool i required.

All you need is a humble bowl from your kitchen.

User Zia, whose username is @curlyzia.xo, took to the app to show her followers the ‘bowl method’ in a video that has now been viewed over 4million times.

The process involves washing your hair as normal before applying a leave in conditioner and curl cream product. Next fill up a bowl with warm water.

Then, all you have to do is simply dip your hair in the bowl, before scrunching the water out with your hands.

Finally, repeat the process four times and add a styling product to create smooth, defined and wondrous curls.

@curlyzia.xoReply to @comegetyacurl beginning to end how I do the bowl method ☺️ this has helped so many curlies, I hope it will help you to! #bowlmethod #curly♬ Iko Iko (My Bestie) (feat. Small Jam) – Justin Wellington

In the video, Zia notes the method works best for wavy and looser curl hair types but is still worth a try if your mane doesn’t fit within that range.

Meanwhile she adds: ‘Catch the water below in your bowl, this way your reusing your water and the product is only becoming diluted while you do this.’

Viewers were seriously impressed by the technique.

‘This seriously is the only thing that has worked on my hair! I have tried so many other methods but this one is sticking with me for sure,’ wrote one user.

‘This has literally changed the life of my curls. Started doing this about three weeks ago and the difference is amazing,’ said another.

On her page, Zia shares a range of tip specifically tailored for those with curly hair.

A fear for many women is dry hard curls when using styling products, but in another viral video, Zia explains that using a mousse or gel is supposed to dry hair crunchy.

This is known as a ‘cast’ and must be broken down first to create soft, defined curls.

She advises users to scrunch sections of the hair with your hands and a comb until the crisp feelings fades.

Followers who watched the video described the tip as ‘life changing.’


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