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Scarily Easy Nail-Art Ideas for Halloween

Traditional Halloween festivities don’t need to be a one-night occurrence. Thanks to the huge amount of Halloween-inspired nail art filling Instagram, you can add a touch of spook throughout the entirety of October.

Whilst we adore over-the-top nails (it is Halloween after all), they’re not always the most practical and definitely not the most straight forward to DIY at home. Luckily, some of the spookiest Halloween nail-art designs are actually some of the easiest to create. We searched high and low on Instagram to find the very best looks and the ones that are the simplest to re-create, including fingerprints, ghosts, and even a spooky twist on french nails. Halloween nail designs encourage fory, outside-of-the-cuticle action – so the messier, the better.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your nail polishes, put on Hocus Pocus, and get creative.

Candy Corn

Candy corn is definitely an American Halloween tradition that us Brits have jumped on, and although it is hard to buy here in the UK, it makes great nail art. This technique is called ombré and almost always starts off with a white base coat. Once your white base is dry, paint the white, orange, and yellow polishes side by side on a makeup sponge and lightly sponge onto the nail; you may need to do this two or three times to get coverage (and be sure to wait until each layer is dry before going in with another). Don’t forget the topcoat to seal the design in.

Pumpkin Polka Dots

This simple polka-dot mani is great for getting into the Halloween colour theme. Paint a base colour of your choice, then use a dotting tool or the end of a pen (get creative with your tools) to dot on your other Halloween-esque shades.

Blood Splatter

This design is definitely a messy one, but it’s also definitely the most fun. Paint a white base coat and wait for it to dry completely. Then, get a straw and cut in half; put some red nail polish on a paint palette, magazine cover, or jar lid (again, get creative with your tools); cover the tip of one straw end with the polish, aim towards the nail, and blow into the straw. You’ll get a messy blood-splatter effect. Depending on where your polish splattered, you might want to clean up your cuticles a little. Whatever you do, just don’t suck nail polish up the straw.

Watchful Eyes

Start with a black base coat, grab your dotting tool, and using a white polish, create the whites of the eyes. Let dry, and do the same with a black polish inside the white; make sure the black dots are smaller than the white. To finish, paint over the entire design with a matte topcoat (£3).

Fleshy Ombré

Using the same technique as the candy-corn nail design, paint a neutral base and then lightly dab layers of red over the top of it, sealing off with a topcoat. This design is the definition of chic Halloween gore.

Pixie Dust Pumpkin

Another ombré! Using a nail polish with a texture gives an alternative finish to a simple ombré, perfect to be worn in the day if you don’t want to scare your colleagues with bloody nails.


This is possibly the cutest Halloween nail design we’ve seen yet. First, start off with a base of your choice; we love the pumpkin hue in these photos. Then, carefully paint on the ghost’s body in white polish, and once it’s fully dried, add the eye and mouth details.

Red to Black

For another stylish and simple design, start off with a red base coat and sponge on the black. To add more detail to this design, you can add small gems or spooky nail stickers.

Friendly Ghosts

Try out this cartooned ghost mani — who knew ghosts could be so adorable? Using a white or cream base coat, dot on the black eye, and using a small brush or toothpick, create the triangle shapes. Patience is key with this one.

Stitched-Up French

This is a great Halloween twist on a traditional french mani. Paint a clear or light-neutral base coat, then follow by painting on the orange tips. Using a toothpick or small brush, paint on the lined detail. This mani doesn’t have to be perfect because the stitching is supposed to look roughly drawn.

Cuticle Care

This is an easy-peasy, ultrascary, and definitely grim manicure. All this requires is an unsteady hand and love of special effects (SFX) gore. We recommend using SFX blood in a few different shades and roughly dabbing it onto the nail and the cuticles. Continue building up the layers until you have your desired bloody effect.


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First Halloween nail style of 2018. I saw this style on insta last week and I had to try it 😂 basically it’s bloody fingerprints and splatters- it’s red polish 😂 I wanted to draw on caution tape, but I didn’t think about it and either way I don’t have a yellow polish. Btw I did my own acrylics, I snapped them horribly, but it’s only my second time. How do you like this style ? Idk what style to do next, but I you’ll find out next week. I want to try doki doki literature club style nails since no one has done it, but it’s not really Halloween themed. Oh well who cares, I’ll do it anyway 😂 #halloweennails #annieareyouok #halloween #nails #rednails #whitenails #redandwhitenails #acrylicnails #simplenails #crimescenenails #fingerprintnails #nailart #splatterpaint #splatternails

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Another fun Halloween manicure involves literally putting your fingerprints onto your nails. Paint a white base coat, paint red polish directly onto your finger, dab onto some paper to get the excess polish off, and transfer the polish from your finger onto the white nail polish. Seal with a topcoat and you have a crime scene on your hands. If you want to step it up a level, add blood splatter effects over the top of the fingerprints like this artist did.

Stars at Night

Paint a black base coat, leave to dry, and then add a sparkly polish. Using your tool of choice, add a mix of dots, stars, and a moon. These less-scary nails are great for the weeks leading up to Halloween and can be worn in the day without getting horrified looks for your deceptively bloody nails.

Full Moon

For this manicure, you’ll need a white, black, and matte top-coat nail polish, plus a mini sponge (just cut one up if you don’t have any small ones on hand). Start by painting on a rough circle using a small paint brush, then dab on white polish and go in with the black shade to create this full-moon effect. To finish, paint over the entire design (once it’s completely dry) with a matte top coat.

Jack Skellington

For another matte design, grab your black, white, and matte polishes again. You’ll need a fine paint brush to carefully paint the eyes, nose, and mouth detail. If you’re nervous, start by using a small amount of paint on the brush and build up the colour once you have a rough outline.

Lightning Bolt

These lightning-bolt nails are subtly spooky — and we adore them! You’ll need a black, neon green, and a slightly deeper green shade of nail polish. Start by painting a black base, and once that’s dry, dab on the deeper green hue in a rough lightning bolt shade. Once that layer is dry, use a fine paint brush to go over the dark green sponged areas in your neon green shade. To give it extra definition, you can use a teeny amount of white nail polish to really make the bolts stand out.

Gory Galore

We saved the best (or worst) for last. These are the ultimate zombie nails to scare anyone who catches a glimpse of them. This takes a bit more work than the others, but is still easier than it looks. You’ll need to buy some cheap fake nails so that you aren’t cutting your actual nail (we would never recommend that). Stick the fake nails on, then using cuticle cutters or nail scissors, roughly cut the false nails. Then, using a sponge, dab both light and dark red polish onto the fake and real nail (where the fake one has been cut off) and over the cuticle line. Go over this with fake blood to make it look realistic. To get an even grimmer effect, dab on some red nail polish before adding the fake nail on to create layers of gory cuts. Ouch!

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