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The Mood To Match Your Next Manicure

Picking out nail polish is more intuitive than strategic — you’re simply grabbing the colour that you gravitate to most in that exact moment — but there’s actually a way to become more mindful with your approach.

According to author and colour expert Walaa, the polish we put on our fingernails can have a real impact on our mood, energy, and relationships, both with ourselves and those around us. “When we wear a certain colour on our body, we’re telling our nervous system and our unconscious mind, This is the energy I want to tune into,” Walaa explains. “What I like to do is think about what I have coming up in the weeks ahead, figure out what I want to channel and what my intentions are, and use that to inform the colour I choose.”

From what Walaa calls “the breakup polish” to the shade that promotes self-love, scroll through for her guide to harnessing the power of colour with your next manicure.



If You Want: Energy

“Red signifies action and movement,” Walaa says. “It has a really strong influence on energy, so when you’re feeling low, red is a great nail colour to choose. It helps you pick yourself up. ”

Essie Gel Couture 270 Rock The Runway Nail Polish, $, available at Boots


If You Want: To Channel Self-Love

“If I’m going through a really tough time and I know I need more self-compassion and self-love, I’ll go for a pink nail polish,” Walaa says. “It reminds me that I need to be kind to myself, watch my thoughts, and notice how those thoughts are testing me.”

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If You Want: To Get In Touch With Your Emotions

“I sometimes call orange ‘the breakup color’ because it’s emotional,” Walaa says. “Orange helps you release grief and go through change; it’s such a beautiful color to help you cry and get all of the emotion out.”

Nailberry Nailberry L’Oxygéné in Spontaneous, $, available at Space NK


If You Want: Confidence

“I like to use a subtle pastel yellow when I’m trying to feel confident,” Walaa says. “Not a big, vibrant yellow, because that can be too stimulating for the brain, but a happy yellow that makes me feel good.”

CND Vinylux Nail Polish in Smile Maker, $, available at Nail Polish Direct


If You Want: To Connect With Your Vulnerable Side

“I used to feel repelled by greens because I was really scared about being vulnerable,” Walaa admits. “But I spent a whole month working with green and wearing it on my nails, and it really helped me tune into my vulnerable side — and now it’s empowering.”

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If You Want: To Get Creative

Purple is a good choice if you want to feel creative,” Walaa says. “It may add a little bit of drama around you, but it’s fun and can help you think outside of the box. ”

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