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AGT stuntman Jonathan Goodwin confirms he is engaged to Sherlock star Amanda Abbington: ‘The best thing to ever happen to me’

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Jonathan has praised Amanda during his ordeal (Picture: Instagram)

America’s Got Talent: Extreme star Jonathan Goodwin has confirmed he is engaged to Sherlock actress Amanda Abbington, after being hospitalised following a stunt gone wrong.

Escapologist Jonathan, 41, was brought to hospital in critical condition after being crushed by two cars and hitting his head during a daredevil stunt.

Posting to Instagram from hospital, Jonathan thanked fans and friends for their support, and particularly pointed out ‘my fiancé and the best thing to ever happen to me, Amanda’.

Jonathan wrote: ‘You can’t say you don’t get out what you put in. Ive tried my hardest over the years to be kind, thoughtful, honest supportive and good. A couple of days ago my life took a complete left turn… and the out pouring of love from all the corners of the world; from people I didn’t even think would know or remember me… has just been astonishing. Truly incredible. I will have a lot to say on that matter and the benefits of being kind in the future.. but thank you. Thank you to everyone who has reached out and sent their love and support. It literally has been a lifesaver.

‘There are a few people who should not remain nameless. Firstly Tony, stuart and Jenni (not tagged as it seemed in appropriate) Milligan, Joe, Grace, Jane, Helen, mum and dad and simon and danny. Then most importantly my fiancé and the best thing to ever happen to me, Amanda. I have been to the very brink and dodged the worst that a human being can, without fear…because I was protected by love. Love is all you need, so make sure you get some, cos its good s***.

‘To death I say nananana boo boo… and to the rest of you… watch this space. There is a long road to recovery and that won’t look like what it did…I may leave the daft s*** alone for a while, but I have a lot left to do in this world. Maybe we can make something good together?’

My Celebrity Life –
Goodwin is an escapologist and stuntman (Picture: Dymond/Thames/Syco/ITV)

Referring to Jonathan as her future husband, Amanda, 47, commented: ‘I love you so much Fusband. We’ve totally got this.’

The actress – who was previously in a long-term relationship with Martin Freeman – also spoke out on her fiancé’s accident on Instagram, calling him her ‘person’.

Amanda wrote: ‘When you know, you know. I knew straight away. Within hours. My person is one of the kindest, sweetest, most amazing, incredible, talented, funny, brave, unstoppable, fearless and beautiful humans on the planet. The last six days have been the worst six days.

‘But the thing about love is that it doesn’t give a s***. It pushes through and steamrollers fear and sadness and anger and uncertainty. It’s unquenchable in it’s nature. So when you find it or when it finds you, you seize it and you run with it. You hold onto it and you never, ever let go. You nurture it and look after it. And when the universe throws you something so unbelievably terrifying, it somehow gets you through it. It’s an overwhelming and incredible thing.

‘My person is a super hero. I’m convinced. And I’m so thankful and lucky that our worlds finally collided when they did. We’ve got this baby. We’ve totally got this. Because love…’

Jonathan had been filming a stunt for America’s Got Talent: Extreme for which he in which he was suspended upside-down 70ft in the air from a wire in a straitjacket, while two cars swung back and forth either side of him.

The stuntman was supposed to free himself and fall onto an air mattress below, but something went wrong with the stunt, leaving him ‘sandwiched’ between the two cars as they smashed together, bursting into flames as he fell to the ground and hit his head.

Sources claimed Jonathan was left with ‘brutal injuries’ and production staff feared he was dead after he was unresponsive following the crash.

Jonathan and Amanda sparked engagement rumours just a week ago when the Welshman added a ring emoji to his Instagram bio.

Amanda’s engagement comes nine months after she revealed her split from actor Jonjo O’Neill after four years together.

The star was previously with The Hobbit star Martin Freeman for 16 years, and they share two children, Joe, 15, and Grace, 12.

The Sherlock stars confirmed their split in 2016, and Martin, 50, has gone on to date French actress Rachel Mariam.


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