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Alan Sugar blasted for tweet urging ‘complacent’ people to return to office amid ‘freedom day’

Lord Sugar wants people back in offices (Picture: Ken McKay/ITV)

Alan Sugar has copped significant backlash after urging people to return to work following Boris Johnson’s latest coronavirus guidance of the UK’s long-awaited ‘freedom day’.

On Monday, the Prime Minister announced that workers were able to return to the office on a full-time basis on July 19 when all Covid-19 restrictions are due to be lifted.

Hours later, 74-year-old Lord Sugar took to Twitter, writing: ‘Boris says it’s no longer necessary to work from home. So city people get back to the offices let’s kick start the local economy for shops, cafes who suffered badly.’

‘Some people may have become complacent liking this new style of working. Well those folk will never work for me,’ he concluded.

The tweet did not go down too well with followers, who informed the billionaire that the pandemic had made businesses realise that their employers would be happier working remotely instead of the rat race of city life.

One follower commented on the cost of their commute: ‘Yeah. I want to ride on a packed train for an hour and a half each way so the sandwich shop can charge me £15 for a sandwich, a packet of crisps and small can of diet coke. Sounds like an awesome plan.’



Others reasoned that they would stay working remotely to support their local businesses rather than the economy in large cities.

One person wrote: ‘The ‘local’ economy are those shops in smaller towns and villages who are thriving and putting money back into the pockets of local economies rather than buying shareholders a new yacht. If you don’t embrace flexible working, you will quickly find the top talent going elsewhere.’

Another tweeted: ‘What about all the cafes, shops, deli’s etc in small towns that benefit from people working from home. Not all about “the city”,’ another tweeted.

One person alluded that Lord Sugar – who made a similar demand in September last year – didn’t see the return to work option from the average person’s view.




‘Are you still on your luxury cruise ship Lord Sugar?’ they quipped.

However, the television star was supported by a handful of others, with one person tweeting: ‘Top man! Too many keyboard warriors. Need to get back out and face reality!’

‘I agree with @Lord_Sugar! If we all act sensibly, then we can get on with it safely,’ another wrote.

Lord Sugar’s comment came after the PM suggested that the country needed to learn to live with coronavirus and that returning to offices would benefit the battered economy.

Mr Johnson outlined the move at a press conference on Monday afternoon, when he confirmed that England’s unlocking is set to go ahead as planned on ‘freedom day’, following a previous delay. That decision is likely to be confirmed next Monday, July 12.

He said: ‘It will no longer be necessary for government to instruct people to work from home so employers will be able to start planning a safe return to the workplace.’

For months, advice has been that ‘everyone who can work from home must do so’ but that is now set to change with ministers arguing that the public needs to take personal responsibility to slow the spread of the virus.

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