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Alex Reid says being diagnosed as ‘significantly autistic’ in his 40s ‘explains so much’

Alex Reid has revealed he discovered he was autistic in his 40s and admitted it helped him make sense of certain things he’s experienced throughout his life.

The former MMA fighter, 45, says he has felt ‘different’ his whole life, and has suffered bullying as a result of this, but a chance meeting with the family of an autistic child helped him to get his own diagnosis.

He revealed to the Mirror: ‘It’s a relief in many ways but it’s a bit unnerving because it’s coming to terms with new things, but it also explains so much.’

Alex, who recently shared his thoughts on coronavirus, discovered he has Asperger’s Syndrome after he was walking through a park with his fiancée Nikki Manashe, with whom he is expecting a baby, when he was accidentally tripped up by a little boy.

After chatting to the child’s parents, he ended up becoming friends with them and even fundraising for a support dog for them, and the family began to notice similarities between their son and Alex.

The family suggested that Alex get tested, which revealed he was ‘significantly autistic’, which helped him make sense of why he had been bullied at school and in the army.

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Alex admits the diagnosis has helped him make sense of things that have happened in his life (Picture: James Shaw/REX)

He explained: ‘I’ve put on all of these masks to cope and protect myself and created all these different personalities – I’m an actor and I’m great at acting because I can pretend to be these different people.

‘But ultimately deep down there’s a little boy crying and not liking it. I’m soft but I can be really tough when I have to be.’

Alex also admits he doesn’t believe in ‘high-functioning autism’ as you ‘are or you aren’t’ autistic, although everyone has different triggers.

He added: ‘You learn how to hide it and being so horrendously bullied throughout my life, it’s starting to make sense.

‘There are going to be times when I’m not able to hide it. Sometimes I really struggle and it’s like torture but you just have to grin and bear it.’

Alex also says his autism has meant that he doesn’t always understand when he has overshared in interviews or why his words are ‘misconstrued’ but he has tried to hold back on oversharing as he has got older.


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