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Blue’s Duncan James reveals daughter, 16, bombarded with ‘nasty’ abuse over his sexuality

Duncan James has revealed his daughter has been bombarded with awful abuse since he came out as gay. 

The Blue singer previously revealed he was bisexual before confirming he was gay in 2017.

He is father to daughter Tianie-Finn, 16, from his previous relationship with former ballet dancer Claire Grainger and reveals the impact his coming out about his sexuality has had on the teenager.

Speaking to The Sun, Duncan explained: ‘She is at an age where she is very much into her phone, and her friends are all on social media platforms like TikTok — it’s very much her life.

‘But she’s also aware that people could be horrible. People can be quite nasty about me being gay and say quite horrible things about the fact that I’m a gay dad.

‘People have written to her, saying, “Isn’t it disgusting your dad’s gay? How do you feel?”

‘“You must be ashamed of him”, and stuff like that, and you’re just like, “Why are you writing to a kid saying stuff like that? Are you really crazy?” People are just awful.’

Duncan, 42, revealed he’s also received nasty comments from people around the world writing to him in ‘disbelief’ that he is gay. In examples of the most extreme trolling, some have said that he is going to ‘burn in hell’ while telling him that it’s a ‘sin’ to be gay and that he’ll be ‘punished by God’.

‘I think it’s probably because they’re frightened about it or they don’t have the awareness or their religion has dictated that it’s wrong and it’s disgusting,’ Duncan said.

The All Rise hitmaker is currently in a happy relationship with Rodrigo Reis who he began dating in July 2019. Later that year, Duncan revealed he would be introducing Rodrigo, who hails from Brazil, to Tianie-Finn for the first time.

In his latest interview, Duncan said Rodrigo and Tianie-Finn ‘really get on’ while describing his partner as ‘such a lovely boy’.

‘Rodrigo is such a lovely boy. He’s just so smiley, happy, with lovely energy. He’s met my daughter and they really get on, so it’s just fantastic. I didn’t identify as gay for many years because of my issues with coming out, but finally I’m happy in my skin and this guy makes me proud to be gay,’ he said.


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