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Britney Spears dresses as murder mystery victim for dark Halloween costume: ‘Pretty lame I did this’

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Britney’s Halloween costume was dark to say the least (Pictures: Instagram @britneyspears, Instagram)

Britney Spears truly got into character for her Halloween costume this year with the singer dressing up as a murder mystery victim – and going as far as playing dead. 

The Toxic singer shared photos from the night before of herself wearing lingerie and handcuffed on the floor with fake blood smeared across the side of her face.

In the Instagram post’s caption, she detailed the creepy murder mystery and how the ‘crime’ unfolded.

‘5:45 … she arrived … the doorman said she came home alone !!!’ the story began.

‘She went to dinner with two girlfriends and had 1 drink … took a cab home but was found on the floor by her neighbor … it remains a mystery 🕵🏼‍♀️🙀😳😜 … who would do such a thing 🤷🏼‍♀️🎃 ??? She had a wonderful family and of course they were nowhere nearby !!!!’

Despite clearly enjoying the whole charade, Britney went on to say it was ‘pretty lame [she] did this for Halloween 🎃 last night.

My Celebrity Life –
She pretended to be a murder victim (Picture: Instagram @britneyspears, Instagram)
My Celebrity Life –
The singer smeared fake blood across her face (Picture: Instagram @britneyspears, Instagram)
My Celebrity Life –
However, she quipped it was a ‘rather lame’ idea (Picture: Instagram @britneyspears, Instagram)

She added: ‘But if interpretation is coincided with opposition what are the beneficial effects of an imaginative reality ??? Is EFFORT to play it out an insult ???? Or is effort simply put … just a play ??? One might do it better but who on Earth 🌎 would do one bad 😉 ???

‘I mean COME ON … let’s play!!! It’s a start …. thoughts 💭 ??? Psss she broke her leg too !!! 🤷🏼‍♀️😉 Pssss no … I’m not showing my lips for an ad for lip injections in the video 😹 !!!! On a SPECIAL note 📝 Stay classy ‘Murica and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do because that’s like a WHOLE LOT y’all 😉😉 😉 !!!!

‘Let me explain myself 🥒🥒 … I’m saying in a crazy world like we have today that it’s pretty important to stay safe !!! Like we did for Covid y’all !!!! But still have fun … I mean duh !!!’

Referring to her recent conservatorship victory where her father, Jamie Spears, was removed, the popstar added: ‘It’s been 13 years for me so I’m a little rusty !!!! Ma and dad can I drive my car now 😒 😜 ??? JUST KIDDING … but seriously, can I play now ????

‘I just really don’t want to offend anyone though … oh but wait, what are we watching tonight on TV ??? Holy crap you guys, gotta check out @lockeandkeynetflix 🔐 … it’s pretty good 😌 !!!’

Expect Netflix’s Locke and Key ratings to soar after Britney’s shout out.
In a separate post, Britney seemed more reflective and wrote: ‘My thought from this morning … what if Halloween was every day y’all … like 365 days a year ???!!! GOOD LUCK WORLD 😂🎃🙊👻 !!!!!! Pssss can Thanksgiving be tomorrow cause I’m starving.’


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