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Chicken Shop Date’s Amelia Dimoldenberg reveals Drake slid in her DMs: ‘I told him I’d check my schedule!’

Amelia Dimoldenberg says Drake replies to messages faster than her friends (Picture: Amelia Dimoldenberg)

Amelia Dimoldenberg may have already had an impressive roster of stars appear on her shows, but the comedian has revealed her dream Chicken Shop Date – Drake – actually slid into her DMs.

The 27-year-old revealed to that she initially thought it was a fake account DM-ing her when Drake sent her a message to see if she fancied a Chicken Shop Date in Harrods just before the pandemic began.

‘I’ve been trying to get Drake on the show for so long and it’s like a running joke that I bring him up all the time in the episodes,’ she says.

‘At my birthday party just before the pandemic, I was on my phone as I was getting lots of Happy Birthday messages come through and then in the DMs I saw the name Champagne Papi, and I thought it was fake because there are loads of accounts like “champagnepapi_1” which comment on my stuff, which make my heart skip a beat every time until I realise it’s fake.

‘So I click on the DM and it just says: “Chicken Shop Date in Harrods?” So I freak out and I’m like Harrods? Whatever, we can make it work!

‘I just replied saying: “Let me check my schedule,” just to keep him on his toes!’

Amelia added: ‘It was just incredible. It was just mind blowing to me, my mouth was just open the entire time. Then we had a back and forth where we were organising the date for when he was coming to London.

‘I was like: “Let me talk to your PA to organise it” and he was like: “No, no, I do this kind of stuff myself.”’

The ultimate Chicken Shop Date to top all Chicken Shop Dates was well under way to happening, with Amelia having organised the crew, shop and security when then the coronavirus pandemic hit.

Amelia adds: ‘He was so quick at replying, It was unbelievable, like quicker than my friends replying to messages.

‘I was just on cloud nine for that whole week period when I thought it was going to happen and then sadly, he didn’t end up coming to London as his trip was cancelled due to Covid.

Amelia turned her Chicken Shop Date format from a column in a youth magazine into a YouTube series with over 100million views to date (Picture: Instagram/ameliadimz)

‘It’s the story of my life but it’s just amazing that he has even watched the episodes. To be honest, when I found that he couldn’t come anymore, I wasn’t that disappointed because in my head, I kind of thought it was always too good to be true.’

Amelia is still hopeful that once travel restrictions lift and Drake is back in the UK they will make the date happen, saying the rapper was super ‘chilled’ about going to an actual chicken shop for the episode.

For the uninitiated, Amelia’s hit series sees her take artists to various chicken shops around London for an awkward date night, where she remains deadpan and peppers their meal with awkward pauses.

The format, which began as a column in a youth magazine, has proven so popular that Amelia has racked up over 660,000 subscribers on YouTube and over 100million views on her videos combined.

She has also created Amelia’s Cooking Show, which sees her get in the kitchen with a host of stars, as well as teaming up with the channel Dave for a new current affairs series, Who Cares?.

‘I am really interested in politics and current affairs, and I just hadn’t found that vehicle for me to express that interest until Who Cares?,’ she says.

‘I also think my audience is young and it’s important for me to be making a variety of different types of content. I wanted also to make something that had a bit more depth to it and that started people talking about topics that I’m interested in, or I’m learning about, ranging from the housing crisis, to fast fashion, billionaires and cancel culture.

‘We want to delve even more into these subjects and provide it in an entertaining way – I’ve never been one to do something completely sincere and I think the tone of the show is just spot on in terms of being educational and entertaining.

‘As it’s voxpops from the public it’s not just about me preaching, it’s not just my opinions, it’s literally all about the opinions of the public and you never know what people will say.

‘I always find that fascinating. Every time I go out on the street and just questioning people it takes you away from that Twitter bubble to see what the public really think.’

Who Cares? with Amelia Dimoldenberg airs weekly on the Dave YouTube channel. Watch Chicken Shop Date and Amelia’s Cooking Show on Amelia Dimoldenberg’s YouTube.

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