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Kylie Jenner ‘pees her pants’ as she and Kendall hilariously do each other’s make up in drunk video

Kylie Jenner has teased a behind-the-scenes look at her new ‘get ready with me video’ with sister Kendall and fuelled by tequila, it looks like the girls had a lot of fun. So much so, that Kylie, ahem, wet herself.

Lip-kit mogul Kylie, 23, has become known for her YouTube videos that see her doing someone else’s make-up. Her famous family regularly feature on her channel, with her latest videos seeing Kylie act as a make-up artist for dad Caitlyn Jenner, 71, and her older sister Kourtney Kardashian, 41.

Next, up it’s Kendall’s turn and, tbh, it looks like a whole vibe.

Stocked up on 818 tequila – the brand launched by Kendall, 25 – the girls have a lot of fun painting each other’s faces, only this time it gets a little silly.

Think Kendall with bright pink cheeks and way too much highlighter on her nose and Kylie rocking blue lips and yellow eyeshadow not on, but around, her eyes, and a random hair extension stuck on her head.

Checking out the finished result, Kylie was crying while in fits of laughter over her makeover, telling Kendall: ‘I’ve peed my pants! I’ve peed my pants.’

My Celebrity Life –
Finding the whole thing hilarious, Kylie revealed she’d ‘peed her pants’ (Picture: Instagram)
My Celebrity Life –
Kendall was cry laughing over her make-up look (Picture: Instagram)
My Celebrity Life –
Kylie was rocking blue lipstick and some funky eyeshadow (Picture: Instagram)

Kendall was just as entertained as she broke out into a fit of giggles while wiping a tissue on her tongue.

Letting their hair down, the girls are then seen rolling around on the floor together, before heading to McDonald’s to feed those drunken cravings.

Sounds like a perfect night, huh?

While en route to the fast food joint, Kylie made the shocking confession that she hasn’t actually eaten a McDonald’s since before her daughter Stormi was born three years ago.

‘Honestly guys, I haven’t been to McDonald’s in a really long time. The last time I went to McDonald’s was like two weeks before I had my daughter, so this is really big for me because I love McDonald’s,’ Kylie told fans.

My Celebrity Life –
Kendall and Kylie headed to McDonald’s to fuel their drunken cravings (Picture: Instagram)
My Celebrity Life –
That cinnamon roll is making us hungry (Picture: Instagram)

What was her order, we hear you ask? Well, luckily Kylie performed a show and tell with her tasty purchases, after opting for a 10-piece of spicy nuggets, fries and a cinnamon roll. Petition to get said cinnamon roll listed in UK branches of McDonald’s please, because that looks divine.

Kylie clearly enjoyed it, rating her roll an impressive nine out of 10.

Fans will no doubt be itching for Kylie’s latest video to drop with Kendall and it’s proof that the siblings are back on the best of terms, after their month-long fallout last year.

Kendall and Kylie stopped speaking after coming to blows following a night out in Palm Springs and while their fight wasn’t caught on camera for their E! series Keeping Up With Their Kardashians, the aftermath of it all was filmed.

After four-weeks of no contact, Kendall revealed on the show that it was the first time the pair had ever gone that long without speaking.

‘Kylie and I got into a pretty big fight on our way home from Palm Springs. It’s been a really long time and I haven’t heard from her. It’s really weird — we’ve never gone this long without speaking.’

At the time, Khloe Kardashian had some words of wisdom for her younger sisters, as she urged them to put their spat behind them once and for all.

‘You guys both need to know that life is short. We need to take our ego and pride out of this and just say, “Kylie, I’m sorry for my part in the disagreement,” and then she should say, “I’m sorry for my part.” And then guess what? We can move on.’

Keeping Up with the Kardashians is available to stream on hayu.


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