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Love Actually’s Martine McCutcheon on working with her ‘crush’ Hugh Grant and why the film has stood the test of time

While many Christmas films come and go each year, Love Actually has remained one of the rare festive flicks that is just as popular now as it was on its release in 2003.

For many, watching Love Actually is a rite of passage into the festive season each year, and Martine McCutcheon has revealed why she feels the movie has stood the test of time.

She explained to ‘It’s such a romantic film and such a sweet, funny, touching film.

‘I think so many people find a part of that movie that kind of just fits them or that they want to have in their lives and that’s such an honour and such a compliment to the movie and the people that were in it.

‘It’s just really amazing that it’s still around after all this time. And people still love it so much. It’s the loveliest, loveliest feeling to be part of it every year.’

Martine’s character, Natalie, gets involved with her boss, David, who just happens to be the Prime Minister in the film.

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One of Martine’s favourite memories from the set is the extras’ reactions to her kiss with Hugh Grant (Picture: Love Actually)

The role was played by Hugh Grant (who also gave the world that iconic dance routine…) and Martine says it was a dream come true to star opposite one of her celebrity crushes – but she piled the pressure on herself for her first major movie role.

She revealed: ‘I’d watched him over the years and thought, “oh my god, I’d love to work with him,” and I had a bit of a crush on him growing up.

‘Then when I got to actually work with him, as you can imagine, I was so nervous. I didn’t know if I would be good enough.

‘I’ve spent my life with imposter syndrome and I’m a mad combination of really confident and really insecure like a lot of actresses are.

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Martine says the cast will always share a bond thanks to Love Actually (Picture: Ben Queenborough/PinPep)

‘One minute, I was saying to [director Richard Curtis], “I don’t think you’ve picked the right person” and “what if I can’t hold my own?” And then the next day, I’m thinking “you can do this, come on Martine, you were born to do this!”

‘All these conflicting messages were coming into my head and I just thought: “Just keep quiet and do the job. Just keep quiet and do the job!”’

Martine’s favourite behind the scenes moment from Love Actually was the first time she and Hugh filmed their iconic kiss on stage, which was shot at a real school with real mums and dads among the extras.

She says: ‘When they pulled back the curtain the first time and they saw us, there was this most massive gasp and then they were like, “Oh my God, it’s Hugh Grant and Martine McCutcheon!”

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Martine has teamed up with NOW TV to allow fans to send personalised Greetings Grams to their loved ones (Picture: PA)

‘They were just cheering and whooping and clapping and it was just such an amazing, amazing moment because, you know, one, I got to kiss the love of my life on screen!

‘I’d watched him growing up and was absolutely in love with him, and there was this audience that were as shocked as I was that I was in that position.

‘So it was pretty much a pinch me moment. It was pretty amazing.’

Martine revealed that while the cast don’t see each other all the time, the experience will always bond them after having shared such a special moment in time together.

She explained: ‘It’s so lovely when you do see them because you’ve gone through an experience that nobody else has had. We’ve all had such different lives, but there’s this one thing that’s so powerful and so strong, that kind of unites us all.

‘I can’t explain it, it’s kind of got a magic about it, that when you see each other, you can’t help but smile and give each other a big hug.

‘It’s almost like when you haven’t seen a really good friend that you love from uni or college or something for years, and then you see them and It just takes you back to that time in your life, and it’s so lovely.’

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