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Love Island star Amy Hart concerns fans as she’s picked up by strangers while walking alone on dual carriageway after night out

Amy Hart has sparked concern after revealing she got into a stranger’s car on her way home last night, following an evening in London.

The Love Island star headed into London to watch a Magic Mike performance, and got the train back to Angmering, West Sussex, afterwards, but found there were no taxis waiting at the station.

Taking to Instagram, she shared a video as she walked down a dual carriageway in the dark by herself, explaining that she couldn’t get through to a local cab firm.

Posting a video from when she eventually made it home, the reality star showed off her muddy heels as she said: ‘It was pitch black, I didn’t realise how muddy it was. This is currently me. This is my shoes.

‘But, a lovely couple, Charlotte and her husband, saw me walking alongside the dual carriageway so they stopped and were like, “You need to get in the car with us. We’ve got two children, there’s two baby seats in the back, we’re not a weird couple”.

‘They were amazing, they dropped me home. It’s only around the corner. I think I definitely need a new pair of shoes, I think I deserve one.’

Amy revealed she was tempted to take the post down (Picture: Instagram)

The clips may have divided fans as Amy shared a fresh post this morning, stating that she was tempted to take them all down, but instead wanted to keep them up as a warning to others.

‘I shouldn’t have walked alongside the dual carriageway but then also, I don’t know what I was gonna do because I couldn’t get home and there was no taxis at the station,’ she continued.

‘I couldn’t get taxi anywhere. I’ve got friends now who have said, “Always phone us!” but I know it’s like, you think, “Oh, I don’t want to bother my friends, it’s late”. I know it’s hard because you think, do I want to bother people? It’s only a 15 minute walk home…

‘But this morning thinking about whose car I got could’ve got into, I could have been run over… So always call your friends. I’m going to leave the stories up so you can learn from my mistakes.’


Making light of the situation, the reality star later shared a photo of her ruined shoes on Twitter, adding: ‘Amy. Couldn’t get a taxi last night so walked home along the side of the dual carriageway…

‘Amy got picked up by a lovely couple who insisted on dropping her home. Luckily for Amy they were nice people. Don’t be like Amy, Amy is stupid.’

However, followers were left concerned by her post, with a Twitter user replying: ‘Please never ever do this again, no matter what the consequence, please never get in anyone’s car again.’

‘Sorry but I agree that was a very stupid thing to do, you were extremely lucky,’ one said. ‘Plan the end of your evening and always book your taxi in advance x.’

‘Not a good role model for young ladies. Never walk home alone or get in a strangers car,’ a fan agreed.

‘Amy call your parents, your grandparents, your friends but never risk that again please,’ another responded.

While some suggested she should take the tweet down.

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