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Model Iskra Lawrence reveals she didn’t know she was pregnant until nine weeks as she slams Texas abortion law

Iskra Lawrence shared a powerful Instagram post criticising Texas’ new abortion law (Picture: Instagram)

Iskra Lawrence has revealed she didn’t know she was pregnant until nine weeks in a powerful post criticising new laws in Texas that makes abortion illegal at six weeks.

The legislation bans terminations of pregnancy after the detection of what anti-abortion campaigners call a ‘foetal heartbeat.’

Signed by Republican governor Greg Abbott in May, the legislation prevents abortions before most people even know they are pregnant.

The law came into effect last week and the Supreme Court later ruled 5-4 against an emergency appeal to prevent its enforcement.

Taking to Instagram, Iskra, 30, revealed that she and her partner Philip Payne were using contraception when she fell pregnant.

They had been dating for one year and the body positivity advocate became pregnant unexpectedly.

She stressed ‘this is very normal.’

Alongside a series of photos taken when she was six, seven and eight weeks pregnant, the model told her 4.7m followers that she ‘didn’t feel ready’ when she finally found out she was pregnant.

‘We weren’t married and I thought everything I’d built for myself and my family could fall apart. Philip saw how upset and scared I was and lovingly reassured me,’ she wrote.

Iskra gave birth to a daughter last year, her first child with boyfriend Philip Payne (Picture: Instagram)

However, the couple ‘knew’ they wanted a baby, and ‘had the privilege of financial security, the safety of owning a home and the support from family.’

She described the pregnancy as ‘the greatest blessing,’ but clarified women should be given a choice, stating: ‘No one, especially men, have a right to tell women what to do with their bodies.’

The British model, who currently lives in Austin, Texas, informed her followers that ‘there are so many reasons folx may need or want an abortion from maternal death to abusive relationships or simply not having the financial means to feed and raise a child.’

Ending her post with an important reminder, she said: ‘Women need access to abortions and that is their decision to make.’

The model is one of many celebrities to speak out against the controversial law (Picture: Instagram)

The lingerie model then encouraged fans to support the organisations working to reverse the ‘Heartbeat Act,’ including Planned Parenthood, Avow, the Texas Equal Access Fund, the Lilith Fund and Fund Texas Choice.

Iskra isn’t the first celebrity to speak out against the legislation.

During an Instagram live, Lizzo stressed the importance of keeping religion out of politics, saying: ‘You have the right to do what you want to do, but the people who are making laws need to stay the f**k out of people’s bodies business.’

Other celebrities who have been vocal about their feelings towards the law include Reese Witherspoon, Amy Schumer and Cyndi Lauper.

Singer Lauren Jauregui also took to social media to say: ‘The blatant attacks on our bodily autonomy across this nation and the globe should be extremely alarming to us.’

The divisive law makes no exceptions for those who become pregnant through rape or incest and Texas is not the only state to ban abortion.

Georgia, Ohio, Missouri and Louisiana have enacted ‘heartbeat laws’ recently, with Alabama passing an even more restrictive law in May that bans abortion from the moment of conception.


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