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Tommy Lee and wife Brittany Furlan share freaky video proof they’re being haunted by ghost that opens their bin

Tommy Lee and Brittany Furlan have a ghost who opens their bin (Picture: Getty/Instagram)

Tommy Lee and Brittany Furlan have revealed the house they are staying in is seriously haunted by a ghost that likes to open their bin on demand.

The Motley Crue drummer, 58, and his comedian wife, 34, shared video of evidence of the freaky goings on in the house they are living in while their own property is being built.

In the video, Brittany can be heard saying: ‘If there is a spirit here, open the trash can,’ only for nothing to happen immediately.

She added: ‘Oh my god, of course ‘cos I’m filming it doesn’t do it. Ok, by the way guys, it just did it when I said “if there is a spirit here, open the trash can” and it opened.’

While the rubbish bin works on a sensor, Brittany demonstrated how close someone has to be to it to get it to trigger and open, proving there is no way she or Tommy could have been tripping the sensor.

Brittany revealed: ‘Soon after we moved in, we found out the guy who lived here many years earlier died of a heart attack… in the home.’

Their followers were left freaked out after Brittany decided to call the spirit by the dead man’s name – Tom – to see if it would respond and open the bin – only for the lid to fly open perfectly on command.

Tommy could be heard exclaiming: ‘What is happening?! Dude!’ before covering his eyes in disbelief.

Most people would think that with all the antics Motley Crue have seen over the years, a little ghost would not faze Tommy, but even he appeared pretty freaked out to be sharing the house with his namesake in spirit form.

Tommy held his head in his hands in disbelief as the bin opened on command (Picture: Instagram)

Brittany added: ‘I bought a temporary house for us to live in while our new house is being renovated.

‘Shortly after moving in I was informed by my neighbours that a man named TOM had lived here with his wife for many years, and died of a heart attack in the front room. He was dead on the scene.

‘Apparently he was actually a really awesome guy so we’re not worried but I think we have a friend here living with us. It’s been a week and Tommy has heard a random man yell “hey!!!” super loudly in the middle of the night and a picture has fallen off the wall and broken.

‘Neighbours said he was a great, funny guy, so we think he’s just a prankster. Welcome to the family Tom.’

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