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#TheDress 2.0 – What colour are Billie Eilish’s shoes?

Just when you thought your brain knew what colours were, Billie Eilish has gone and flipped our spectrum of basic hues upside down with her shoes.

Seemingly creating the #Dressgate of 2020 – remember that ‘blue or gold’ dress (was it white and gold? Or blue and black? Or blue and gold) that sent the world into a spin in 2015? – Billie’s pink and white/green and pink/green and white kicks have got us scratching our heads all over again.

The Bad Guy singer kicked off another optical illusion war when she shared a shot of her shoes, after being asked what she thought about said dress debacle of five years ago.

Perhaps not realising the Pandora’s Box she was about to unleash on her socials, the 18-year-old revealed her dad said one particular pair of her Nike kicks were white and pink, when to her, in fact, they were green and white.

Or, as Billie incredulously says in the clip of the alternative colours: ‘WHITE AND PINK?!’

And thus, in a series of Instagram Stories over the weekend, Billie got all kinds of up in arms over her fans’ reaction to her shoes, as many agreed with papa Eilish they were white and pink.

While her DMs evidently descended into a fiery pit of debate, Billie was not backing down in sharing her thoughts on what colour the Nike Air Uptempos really were.

Turns out they are advertised as mint green and white, which should settle it, as the star shared an image of them in their pristinely-lit, website best – yet that didn’t stop our eyes from trying some good ol’ fashioned trickery on us.

She wrote alongside the ad of the shoes, which, on closer inspection, were most definitely mint and white (fight us): ‘Y’all are going to hell.’

Billie wasn’t done though, sharing many videos explaining her utter perplexion at the thought the shoes were anything but mint and white – even though in some videos we have to admit we can see where fans are picking up some subtle hints of pink.

‘I don’t know what happened to you in your f**king childhoods,’ the singer joked. ‘But pink and white?!’

She went on in another Story: ‘I’ve come to the conclusion that you guys just don’t know your sneakers at all.

‘I don’t care what you think they look like, I care what they are! The whole internet is gaslighting me!’

Look, it’s not the first time we’ve gotten our pins in a twist over a pair of shoes and what colour they may or may not be.

In 2017 Nicole Coulthard came across a screenshot of a trainer which had the same issue – with people not sure whether it was pink and white or grey and aqua.

Those sneakers followed the infamous dress debacle, which began with a picture of a typical looking bodycon dress that a mother wore to a wedding in Scotland that divided the world when a picture went viral in 2015.

Millions argued over whether it was blue with black fringe or white with gold fringe, with experts at the time offering their scientific opinions, like the way the light hits the retina of the eye.

Still, we bet you’re wondering what Billie’s thoughts on The Dress were?

‘I cannot stress it enough,’ she said. ‘It is blue and gold.’

Here we go again…


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