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Regengycore your home and wardrobe

Move over cottagecore, there’s a new trend on the block, and it’s inspired by your love of the new Netflix show Bridgerton.

Perhaps nostalgia is helping us get through a turbulent moment in time, or perhaps we just want some pomp and ceremony in our lives (given we’ve been living in sweatpants and PJs).

Either way, regencycore is proving popular. Google searches for ‘Regency interior’ are up by 9500% since the end of December, and the #regency hashtag on Instagram currently has over 300,000 mentions.

Basically, we all want to go out with The Duke and dance around fancily at debutante parties.

Thankfully, this interest is reflecting in offerings from fashion to interiors, so it’s easy to fulfil our period drama dreams.

What is regencycore?

Regencycore is a trend dedicated to looking like you live in the regency period.

This era, towards the end of the Georgian period in the early 1800s, was defined by elegance and opulence – but slightly less so than pre French revolution.

People shunned tight corsets and wigs, opting for a softer look. Empire waists and a pronounced cleavage was in for women, while men wore less formal tailoring to that we saw in the 18th century.

Homes were still full of sumptuous fabrics, but there was less of a set way to decorate your home. Think of classic pieces, with a touch of individuality.

Exotic influences were common, as well as playing with colour and texture.

Get the look

To get the regencycore look, your best bet is to watch period dramas from this time and take inspiration.

You don’t want to look like you’re going to a costume party, or to look like you’re trying to make your home into museum. Instead, it’s all about that 19th century aesthetic of decadence and self expression.

Think of the silhouettes you see in period dramas like Bridgerton, then pick statement pieces that are fit for a great hall.

We’ve rounded up some pieces that can give your home or wardrobe a regencycore revamp.


Pearly brooch headband

£11.20, Accessorize

My Celebrity Life –


Gold candelabra

£32.99, Confetti

My Celebrity Life –
Embrace gold and silver for a Georgian feel (Picture: Confetti)


Regency-style oak bed frame

£899, Time4Sleep

My Celebrity Life –
Keep bigger pieces neutral and they’ll be a timeless addition to the home (Picture: Time4Sleep)


Yellow empire-line dress

£20, Miss Selfridge

My Celebrity Life –
Wear this to a stately home in summer and feel like high society (Picture: Miss Selfridge)


Silver nickel jewellery box

£14.99, TK Maxx

My Celebrity Life –
Small touches can make the room, and be easily moved or taken away if you want a change (Picture: TK Maxx)


Satin corset top

£16, Missguided

My Celebrity Life –
Although tight corsets were out for Regency women, boning and structure were still common to make the most of body shapes (Picture: Missguided)


Crystal chandelier


My Celebrity Life –
A low chandelier adds drama to any room (Picture:


Brocade cushions

£21.90, Etsy

My Celebrity Life –
Sumptuous velvet and intricate florals add that Regency touch (Picture: Etsy)


Sweetheart neckline wrap top

£60, Hayley Scanlan

My Celebrity Life –
The Bridgerton girls loved to enhance their cleavage (Picture: Hayley Scanlan)


Beaded drawstring bag

£53, Whistles

My Celebrity Life –
They didn’t carry tote bags or big Birkins back then (Picture: Whistles)


Mantel clock

£48.99, Wayfair

My Celebrity Life –
Add a touch of traditional (Picture: Wayfair)


Chocolate square-neck puff dress

£216, Selkie

My Celebrity Life –
The high empire-line elongates the body (Picture: Selkie)


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