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Your January Horoscope Is Here, & These Are The Dates Setting The Tone For 2022

Happy new year! Welcome to 2022, a year that will get a lot better… after we get through January. That’s right, the cosmos are a little tough this month — but that doesn’t spell out doom and gloom for the rest of the year. Things will be better. Promise!

Mercury glides into Aquarius early in the morning on 2nd January, followed by the planetary retrograde that commences on 14th January and lasts until 3rd February. During its retrograde, Mercury glides back into Capricorn on 25th January, reliving the story from December 2021.

The Capricorn new moon occurs in the afternoon of 2nd January and offers us a chance to start off the new year with a fresh set of intentions. Jupiter, the Planet of Luck and Good Fortune, squares with the Nodes of Destiny, which rules your destiny, on 3rd January, helping to guide you in your 2022 visions, toward the areas where you can be of maximum usefulness.

The full moon in Cancer on 17th January wants to revive old power struggles, if everyone is ready and willing to do so. This energy is heightened on 18th January, when Uranus’s revolutionary retrograde journey that began on 19th August in Taurus ends. Finally, we’re ready to implement the lessons we’ve learned during the Uranus Rx — and fight for the change we want to see.

On 18th January, the North Node of Destiny enters Taurus, taking us back 18 years to the last time the North Node was in Taurus and the South Node was in Scorpio. This kicks off a year-and-a-half journey that will ultimately help us find structure, comfort, and stability. The following day, the Sun enters Aquarius, increasing our interest in humanitarian causes and giving us a chance to connect with friends.

Mars moves into Capricorn on 25th January, bestowing us with the extra determination and energy to see all matters through. And on 29th January, Venus ends its moonwalk that began on 19th December in Capricorn, resolving any romantic and financial issues that came up during that time.


You’re having more relationship dramz this month than your favourite Gossip Girl characters, due to Venus and Mercury retrogrades igniting the need for freedom and autonomy in your love life. Also, there will be a lot of clandestine communication with a few exes that you’ve been secretly lusting after on social media due to Jupiter’s square to the Nodes of Destiny on 3rd January. Mars’ entrance into Capricorn on 24th January gives you the push you need to explore all of your desires. You’ll link up with an old flame you’ve been flirting heavily with since the North Node’s entrance into hedonistic Taurus on January 18, a move that will revive your lusty sentiments, and may find yourself enjoying a NSA hookup toward the end of the month.


Venus and Mercury retrograde’s backpedal in Capricorn is opening your eyes to the injustices and struggles that you’ve all been working under for the past several months. And when Uranus ends its retrograde and the North Node of Destiny aligns with your Sun, both on 18th January, you’ll find yourself channelling your inner Norma Rae in an effort to lead your colleagues to success and stand up for everyone’s rights at work. The focus of the conflict is on the bigger professional picture at play, which leads to better conditions and pay for your coworkers and yourself in the months to come. Unionising your company will help you defend those in need and change — a cause your resilient spirit can get behind and fight for.


A seemingly amazing opportunity is presenting itself at work on 3rd January, during Jupiter’s square with the Nodes of Destiny. While you may feel drawn to accept the position, you’ll find all that glitters isn’t gold, and the professional gig that’s being presented to you may not be a job that pans out for the long term. All the more reason for you to use the illumination from 17th January’s full moon in Cancer to decide whether or not it’s a right fit. If not, then it’s best to know now instead of later on when you’re deep in the work of it.


You are finally peeling back the layers of your soul and allowing your crush or partner to see who you truly are during 2nd January’s new moon and 17th January’s full moon. The caveat is that you may not be comfortable with them showing you their true colours, due to Venus and Mercury’s simultaneous backsplash in Capricorn. Learning to accept their flaws will be harder than before, as your heart isn’t in the mood to care for others in its usual unconditional form. However, if you give them a chance and open yourself up to blindly diving deep into the sea of love, you’ll discover how much you appreciate their differences, unconventionality, and quirks. No one is perfect, Cancer. Stop pinching and nitpicking at those you love. 


Sometimes it’s not advisable to be the centre of attention, especially when working in a group setting. When Uranus turns direct and the North Node of Destiny glides into the career sector of your chart on 18th January, there will be big professional changes that transform the current vibe at the office. You will be asked to work directly with your colleagues, all of whom you don’t have the best track record. Venus and Mercury’s moonwalks will make it hard to connect and see eye-to-eye with them, especially on the direction of projects. Learning to be a part of a collaborative effort won’t be easy during 17th January’s full moon — but it’s especially necessary when the Sun enters Aquarius on 19th January. There is no “I” in teamwork. 


Mercury’s planetary retrograde, which commences on 14th January and lasts until 3rd February, is making you feel as though you need a break from the trials and tribulations of mundane life. The caveat is that you won’t be able to get a break and take a moment to yourself until Mercury retrograde enters Capricorn on 25th January. Even then, you may be blogged down with errands, tasks, and never ending to-do lists. Don’t wait to take a personal day off from work until the amount of work and stress in your life decreases. The sooner you rest, the better your productivity will be. Because you always adhere to the rules and never shirk your obligations, this time off will prove to be extra essential.


Although you may want to redecorate your home during 2nd January’s new moon in Capricorn, resist the urge to start painting the walls in your home different colours. Venus, a planet that represents home decor and luxury items, is in retrograde until 29th January, creating confusion around your home space that may leave you feeling disappointed in your choices and the colour palette. So don’t make any moves until Venus straightens out — and to be extra cautious, until Mercury ends it’s moonwalk on 3rd February too. Once these planets are direct, you may change your mind on the colour scheme, realise it’s not worth the investment right now, or decide to simply add throw cushions to change the vibe instead.


Holding onto emotions and upsets you’ve previously experienced in your intimate relationships is having an immense effect on the current status on your previous partnerships. And that’s an insight that will hit you hard during Uranus’s direct motion and the North Node’s entrance into Taurus on 18th January, both of which awaken a lot of fears and insecurities that have been dormant in your heart. Mercury’s movement into Aquarius from January 14 to 25, as well as the Sun’s movement into the sign of the water-bearer on January 19 gives you the opportunity to heal the past. The moment you let go of the hurt and pain you’ve experienced, is when you can move forward with others in a healthy way. Remember that you don’t have to forget, but you can forgive others — and should forgive yourself. 


All the Christmas spending you’ve done is hitting your bank account and credit cards hard this month — especially on 2nd January’s new moon in Capricorn and Jupiter’s square with the Nodes of Destiny on 3rd January. The full moon in Cancer, which occurs on 17th January is making you rethink your past spending habits. Mercury’s backspin into the financial sector of your chart on 25th January, along with Venus’s moonwalk that ends on 29th January will leave you with buyer’s remorse from the spending spree you were on last month. Thank goodness you have receipts from all the items you bought but don’t need or want anymore. If you have the yearning to shop, check out all the after-Christmas sales and discounts.


The electric sensation of Uranus turning direct and the North Node of Destiny moving into the pleasure sector of your chart on 18th January will add sizzle to your love life. You’ll have ample opportunities to connect with your partner, crush, or loved ones this month, although the Mercury and Venus retrogrades may make it hard to keep any prospective dates toward the end of the month. A word of warning: The more you overthink the future of these relationships, the less fun you will have. Although it may be hard for you to be spontaneous or impulsive in life, try to remain present and enjoy the refreshing positive energy that comes your way moments after 17th January’s full moon in Cancer ignites your desire for companionship this month. 


Uranus’s direct movement after a five-month retrograde occurs the same day as the nodal shift into Taurus begins on 18th January. These two cosmic changes are giving you a chance to reconnect with your roots and core beliefs. Throughout the internal journey, which begins in January, you are rebuilding the foundation within yourself. During this time, you’ll learn that you don’t need material possessions to feel secure and important. Instead of focusing on the monetary value of things and luxury items, you can give energy to evolving your heart, mind and spirit. You’ll begin to focus on the spiritual realm of life when Mercury retrograde moves off your Sun on 25th January and dips into Capricorn. 


Finding besties who will never leave your side and always have your back in life is hard. This month you are discovering who’s your ride or die. Venus’s retrograde, the 2nd January new moon, and both Mars’ and Mercury retrograde’s entrance into Capricorn on 24th and 25th January, respectively, give you the opportunities to disconnect from toxic friendships and find a group of friends who love you unconditionally. You may discover you’re better off without them, due to their negative energy and snide comments that were spoken behind your back. This energy is heightened by your planetary ruler, Jupiter, squaring the Nodes of Destiny on 3rd January: You’ll begin to see that there are other fish in the sea that you’ll want in your squad. 


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