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Your March Horoscope Is Here & These Are The Dates Where Everything Might Change

Welcome to March! As we embark in our personal journeys month, it’s important to set new intentions to align with our visions for the season ahead. Mars, the Planet of Action, enters intelligent Gemini on 3rd March, giving power and dominance to words. The new moon in visionary Pisces occurs on 13th March, the same day Mercury leaves its post-retrograde shadow. We’ll be pushed to start new projects and relationships (or hit the reset button on both), after we clear up the past. Mercury enters Pisces on 15th March, which will blend intuition with reason to our communications. The 20th March brings the Spring Equinox and Aries season. It’s time to ignite the spark that will help inspire our dreams. Sensual Venus enters confident Aries on 21st March, adding passion to romance. The highly anticipated Venus Star Point in Aries occurs on 26th March. This is the conjunction between the Sun and Venus that occurs every 10 to 12 months in a different sign; it’s a great time to manifest love and money. March ends with a full moon in Libra on the 28th, which will push us to focus on balancing out our lives and partnerships.

To get the most accurate picture of your month, read your sun, moon, and rising sign. You can figure out yours by using a free birth chart calculator like this one.

AriesPSA: You will be feeling as though your friends are talking about you behind your back when Mars rolls into Gemini on 3rd March, and during the new moon in Pisces on 13th March. Odds are that they’re not. However, the cosmic energy may push you to be extra paranoid. Tread lightly until the 13th to clear up miscommunications; by then the retro-shade zone of last month’s retrograde will be over and Mercury will be done playing tricks on your mind. It’s advisable to not lean into your confrontational nature and avoid unnecessary conflict. If you choose to take the high road, you can gracefully step into a lovely place with your crew on 26th March, when the Venus Star Point aligns with your Sun. This will make you glow up with good vibes and motivate you to work on your relationships during the full moon on 28th March. Illustration by Stefhany Lozano

TaurusIt’s time for you to revamp your goals and visions. The new moon in Pisces which occurs on 13th March is pushing you to start anew. This is an opportunity to write a new chapter. Being that Mercury enters Pisces two days later, you have the opportunity to control the narrative and take ownership of your next professional direction. The Venus Star Point on 26th March is giving you the cosmic chance to level up. You can start a seven year journey in making your passions a reality. Start planting the seeds for the future. All of your desires (both personal and professional) can come true if you step out of your comfort zone. To quote Norman Vincent Peale, “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land amongst the stars.” Take a chance. You never know what fabulousness can manifest from the action of moving towards your dreams. Illustration by Stefhany Lozano

GeminiMarch will give you the wind beneath your wings. When Mars links up with your Sun on 3rd March, you’ll have the gusto and desire to take charge of your life. No task will be left undone and no sentiment will go unexpressed. This newly found desirous attitude will be of assistance during the new moon on 13th March, when an amazing professional opportunity presents itself. When Mercury enters Pisces on 15th March, you’ll speak up at work and make moves toward attaining your desires. Discuss a promotion or a raise. Chances are, your boss will be open to hearing you out and offer you a lucrative project to work on to prove your case. Use the positive energy from the Venus Star Point on 26th March and the full moon on 28th March to show off your creative skills. This will totally prove your value and worth at work. Illustration by Stefhany Lozano

CancerFinding balance between your personal and professional endeavours has been challenging lately. The new moon on the 13th is offering you a moment to reflect and decide how you want to move forward. The issue is that you thoroughly enjoy working hard and being active in your home life. But, something’s gotta give to allow you to be present in both areas. The Venus Star Point that occurs on 26th March, which is followed by the full moon on 28th March, is offering you an opportunity to find the equilibrium that you need. You will have to give up a few work projects to have peace of mind and calmness in your life. And you will have to sacrifice a few personal and sacred moments to have the work life that you want. The most important thing is to move forward and find a mix that works best for you. Illustration by Stefhany Lozano

LeoNo one knows more than you that  thoughts have power, Leo. They have the ability to become things that are greater than the initial idea. This month, you’re leaning into your fierce nature. This will push you to put your money where your mouth is and give an idea that’s been lingering in your mind for some time all of your energy. If you initiate the project on the 3rd, when Mars enters Gemini, then you’ll have the stamina to see this endeavour fully through. The only caveat is that you’ll have to be open to different ways and proposals to get your plans off the ground. Don’t be close minded. Try to be especially flexible when hearing everyone’s feedback when the Sun enters Aries on 20th March. Tapping into your intuition and embracing the ideas that work for you during the full moon on 28th March will lead you to success. Illustration by Stefhany Lozano

VirgoRelationships require work to ensure that they can last. More than ever, you’re wanting to give your all to remedy existing issues — especially during the new moon on 13th March and when Mercury enters Pisces on 15th March. There’s always give and take when it comes to the upkeep of any relationship — And you’re really learning that during the Venus Star Point on 26th March. In order to have an effective partnership, you’ll have to give up the need to control every aspect of the relationship and learn how to meet your partner halfway in every situation. The full moon on 28th March will set up the principle that you require respect and will return the sentiment. Being vulnerable with your SO or crush is something that you’ll have to work towards in the future. That’s the third part of being in a healthy and cooperative relationship. Illustration by Stefhany Lozano

LibraCue the pop music and grab a hairbrush because it’s time to give your friendships a makeover. You’re trying to comb out all of the tangles and knots that have become issues with your squad during the new moon on 13th March. Undoing problems that occurred during Mercury’s moonwalk last month will take a lot of effort. You’ll start to see matters get better and lighter after Mercury leaves its post-retrograde zone on the 13th. As you enter Aries season on 20th March, you’re wanting to start fresh with your crew. This will lead you towards creating a healthier relationship with them during the Venus Star Point on 26th March. Make sure that you don’t make the same mistakes twice or allow them to. Hold yourself and friends accountable during the full moon on 28th March to craft a stronger foundation in which both of your needs are met. Illustration by Stefhany Lozano

ScorpioYou’ve been able to keep your head above water, but this month you may take a dive into the deep end of the ocean. When Mars flows into Gemini on 3rd March, you’ll see a shift in your emotions. Words will become powerful and potent. It’s important to say what you mean, and to be as direct as possible. The reason you’re being concise with others is because you’re in the mood to become more intimate with them. The Pisces new moon on 13th March will allow you to fall down the rabbit hole and get lost in the rapture. Although this sentiment seems intoxicating and freeing, it’s not reality. Try to keep your head above water during the full moon on 28th March. Don’t jump in head first, even though you’ll want to embrace your impulsive sentiments when it comes to investments and romantic desires. Illustration by Stefhany Lozano

SagittariusThis month will make your head spin, Sag! Mars’s entrance into the relationship sector of your chart on 3rd March will shake up dynamics and create a whole lotta drama with others. You’re asserting your needs and speaking up, which will totally ruffle a few feathers (because no one likes to be told the truth about their behaviours and actions). The new moon on 13th March and Mercury’s leap into Pisces on 15th March will change your core beliefs and foundation. Issues will come up from situations or relationships that have  cracks in them. The lesson is to heal and mend such affairs for the better. You’ll be willing to take a leap of faith and repair the past during the Venus Star Point on 26th March. The full moon on 28th March will inspire you to let go of old resentments and move on to a better place with others. Illustration by Stefhany Lozano

CapricornYou may find that you’re busier than ever this month. Mars’s exuberant walk into Gemini on 3rd March will make your iCal almost overloaded. It will be hard to schedule “you” time, which means that you’ll have to be intentional about giving yourself some R & R in between activities. The new moon on 13th March doesn’t really help you unwind, as you’re more in demand than you were before. When the Sun in Aries lights up the personal sector of your chart on 20th March, you will find that your mind and body is beyond exhausted and in need of rest. The Venus Star Point which occurs on 26th March pushes you to slow down and have an easy weekend at home (preferably watching Netflix in bed). The full moon on 28th March urges you to find balance in life after working super hard all month. Illustration by Stefhany Lozano

AquariusYour relationship with money has been up and down for the past few years. This month, you’re trying to wrap your head around your finances and gain clarity in implementing a budget that works for you. You will want to buy frivolous items on 3rd March, when Mars enters fellow air sign Gemini. Take a chance and buy a scratch-off ticket. But time it right: You may win big if you purchase it during the new moon on 13th March. You can step up your financial game on 15th March (when Mercury enters Pisces) by talking about your issues and desire for structure with an advisor or a trusted friend who works in finance. You won’t take action and implement their advice into your life until the Venus Star Point on 26th March. Luckily, 28th March’s full moon brings a new philosophy towards your money habits — if you’re willing to make the necessary changes. Illustration by Stefhany Lozano

PiscesSetting boundaries is important. However, they are hard to maintain. Living with the sentiment of “what’s yours is yours and what’s theirs is theirs” rarely works out, especially when you’re dealing with the delicacy of interpersonal relationships. The time to make the shift with others will happen when Mars enters Gemini on 3rd March. You may be protective of your limits and respectful of others, which will create better structures in relationships. Be mindful of your needs during the new moon on 13th March. Decide how much you want and can give to those you care about. Make sure that you don’t overextend yourself or give too much of your loving cup away. Maintain a goblet brimming with positivity during the Venus Star Point on 26th March and full moon on 28th March. Then, you can share your love with everyone freely without depleting your energy. Illustration by Stefhany Lozano


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