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Danny DeVito is ‘exactly like It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia character’ as Deck The Halls child star looks back at film 14 years on

Danny DeVito is, let’s face it, an absolute legend.

From Matilda to It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, you can’t help but smile when he pops up in a movie, and the same has to be said for Deck The Halls, the classic Christmas film he starred in alongside Ferris Bueller star Matthew Broderick.

Dylan Blue, who played the son of Matthew’s character, a suburban dad warring with his neighbour (Danny) over wanting his Christmas lights to be seen from space, opened up to about his experience on the film – and why people shouldn’t take it too seriously.

‘We talked a lot, he was really sweet,’ Dylan, who was 10 at the time of filming, said of his experience working with Danny. ‘I remember he was really fun at the at the actual after party.

‘It was really fun dancing with him and Rhea [Perlman, Danny’s wife], and just hanging out.’

‘They were pros,’ Dylan continued. ‘Fun was part of the job and it was a learning experience for sure. They were all like, without them even teaching [me] directly, just watching them, I learned so much, just hanging out with them.’

14 years on, Dylan’s a filmmaker in his own right (Picture: Dylan Blue)

As for what Danny’s like in-person, Dylan insisted we’ve all had a glimpse of his personality in It’s Always Sunny.

‘Danny especially was a sweetheart,’ he remembered, before referencing the series and laughing: ‘That’s not a character, that’s Danny DeVito. That’s actually not Frank Reynolds, that’s Danny DeVito. They spelt Danny DeVito strangely, it’s really weird.’

Despite the amazing cast, which also includes Kristin Chenoweth, Fred Armisen, Kristin Davis, the movie hasn’t been reviewed too highly over the years.

However, Dylan’s adamant that people need to take it less seriously.

‘I think that Christmas films and holiday films especially have a special place in most people’s hearts,’ he pointed out. ‘This one in particular, just because of who was involved and how special it was, I think a lot of people cherish that movie.

‘Along with a couple of others, it’s just like part of the tradition of the holidays. It’s just as just as important as the Thanksgiving dinner, like the tree going up or something. If anybody hates it, they’re taking holiday movies too seriously!’

After 14 years, Dylan’s appeared in a few other roles but is also becoming a filmmaker in his own right.

‘I really wanted to do more than just act, and there’s a couple of projects that I have now they’re in different stages of development,’ he teased. ‘There’s one in particular that we shot back at the end of 2019 that I’m very excited about.’

As for what he wants people to take away from Deck The Halls, he’s got a pretty apt lesson for Christmas.

‘I think a big part of that film has a lot to do with what’s going on right now. People are realising that petty differences and little skirmishes aren’t actually what’s important.

‘And that coming together during any kind of problem is the way to handle it, just coming together and general just love.’


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