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Harry Potter star offered to give up paycheck to film Dumbledore’s funeral – but it wasn’t enough

Harry Potter star Evanna Lynch offered to give up her paycheck so as the studio could have the budget to film Albus Dumbledore’s funeral.

Evanna, who played Luna Lovegood in the franchise, was a superfan long before she was cast as the quirky witch and was, naturally, heartbroken at the death of the Hogwarts headmaster, played by Michael Gambon for most of the films.

However, upon finding out that his funeral scene wasn’t going to make the cut, she decided to take matters into her own hands.

Speaking to her co-stars James and Oliver Phelps on their podcast Normal Not Normal, which has been shared exclusively with, she explained: ‘You want to honour the characters that so many people love and have been on this huge journey with.

‘That’s why I was so upset that they didn’t have a funeral for Dumbledore after all he did, all he meant to Harry, all he gave…’

‘[When he died] we all had to put our wands up and they CGI’d tears onto me because the scene wasn’t sad enough, but we didn’t have a memorial,’ she continued.

‘I even went to [producer] David Heyman’s office, as a fan. I thought, “Right. I’ve got to speak up for my community.”

‘I told him, “Dumbledore really needs to have a funeral. In the books he has mermaids. He has centaurs. The whole wizarding community unites and gives him a send off.”

‘And David Heyman was like, “It’s just too expensive.” And I actually said, “Take some of my paycheck, because I think it’s worth it.” And he was like, “Evanna, it wouldn’t cover it!”‘

Meanwhile, James was quick to admit he was a bit sad his death scene as Fred didn’t make it into the final movie.

Evanna was cast as Luna at age 14 (Picture: Warner Bros)

Evanna, 29, was cast as Luna at age 14, first appearing in the fourth film, The Goblet of Fire.

She starred alongside James and Oliver, who played Fred and George Weasley as well as Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter), Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley), Emma Watson (Hermione Granger) and Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy).

The actress has previously opened up about being such a big fan of the series, admitting it made things slightly difficult when she came to star in it.

James and Oliver chatted to co-star Evanna on their podcast Normal Not Normal (Picture: Normal Not Normal)

Last year, she said on the Talking Tastebuds podcast: ‘I was a really obsessive Harry Potter fan. I started reading them when I was about eight, and that was just my whole identity for a while.

‘It’s quite embarrassing. I did everything, I queued up for the books, I wrote fan mail to Daniel Radcliffe and got his autograph and I wrote fan mail to JK Rowling and we became friends.

‘I completely manifested it. All my energy was focused on this. But the thing I found is the whole fan culture is not healthy, being obsessed with someone.’

She continued: ‘I was suddenly confronted with “Who am I” and when they asked me what I was interested in, I realised I didn’t even know myself, I didn’t know what to say.’

Evanna’s episode of Normal Not Normal is available from February 5.


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