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Mark Hamill reacts to adorable viral video of terrified dog hiding behind couch upon seeing Star Wars villain Darth Vader

When it comes to being terrified of Darth Vader Mark Hamill knows what’s up, as he reacted to a viral video of the most adorable dog running terrified from the Star Wars villain.

The pure moment was shared on TikTok account @rustymetalcreation, in which the golden retriever, named Ellie, is seen fixated on a scene from 1977’s A New Hope.

But the first image of Vader is one the poor dog was not prepared to stomach – and fair enough.

As Vader takes centre stage, all swishing cape, helmet and signature deep, formidable breath, the scared dog nopes on out of there, jumping off the couch. Its owner was capturing the moment for posterity, but perhaps didn’t expect the dog to then start watching the scene from the safety of behind the seat.

Its little face was fixed in an expression of caution as John Williams’ iconic soundtrack puncuated the now-viral video.

As the clip swiftly starting churning through the retweets and likes after being shared by Rex Chapman on Twitter this week, Mark himself – who went head to head with the villain as Luke Skywalker – noticed the video and reacted with his usual Internet-winning wit.

Ah, hindsight is a fabulous thing, Mark.

The clip has been viewed millions of times now, with viewers going wild over Ellie’s little growl as she sees the iconic film character for the first time.

Hun, if only you knew what was coming…

One Twitter user very accurately surmised: ‘Watching from behind the couch is the human equivalent to watching between your fingers.’

Another felt the moment was so masterful even a dog could recognise the bad guy: ‘This is a prime example that what George Lucas put on film and the music that John Williams created was perfect to reflect just how much of a villain Darth Vader really was that even a dog could recognise it.’

Enamoured with Ellie, another wrote: ‘A) dogs know evil. B) if Darth had gone after his human, it would be all teeth and fury. Scared or not, he’d have defended his. We don’t deserve dogs, they are pure love.’


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