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Marsai Martin spills on surprise mini Black-ish reunion with Yara Shahidi in star-studded Paw Patrol movie

Marsai Martin and Yara Shahidi had a surprise mini Black-ish reunion while filming for Paw Patrol: The Movie – but had no idea the other was in the cast.

The pair have joined a star-studded cast for the pups’ big screen adventure, including Kim Kardashian, Jimmy Kimmel and Tyler Perry.

However, chatting to, Marsai – who voices the ultra-cool Liberty – revealed she was oblivious as to who she would be starring alongside, and was only told while she recorded her part.

Spilling all on reuniting with her on-screen older sister, the 16-year-old told us: ‘You know it’s funny, I did not know who’s going to be a part of the movie when I signed up for it. I was doing my lines and they were just telling me every now and then, who will be playing the other person that I’m talking to.

‘I’d be like, “Wait what?!” I was doing one scene and then they were like, “Hey, by the way that’s Kim Kardashian you’re talking to, she’s a part of the film”. I was so excited.

‘After a session, Yara texted me and was like, “So you’re part of this too?!” It’s fun and exciting, and it’s more of a reunion, it’s a whole family get together.’

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Marsai plays pup Liberty in the flick (Picture: Paramount)

But, when asked which of her new castmates she was most starstruck by, Marsai only had one name in mind.

‘Definitely Kim Kardashian, honestly,’ she laughed. ‘I’m not going to lie, Keeping Up With The Kardashians [is] something that I’ve always been into watching.

‘I love how Kim Kardashian just built an empire and just made it her own.

‘I think she’s one of them and then also Tyler Perry as well! I was so excited and I’m super inspired by him and everything that he’s built with his studio in Atlanta.

‘I was able to do a couple of work things for Little there, he’s super inspiring and just overall a cool person.’

There’s no denying that Paw Patrol is a pretty big deal, with kids all over the world obsessed with everything from the bright colours to the adventures they find themselves in.

The theme tune is also a total banger.

Despite there being millions of children everywhere – including her own family members – eagerly anticipating the flick, Marsai vowed that she doesn’t feel under any pressure stepping into those adorable paw prints.

‘I was honestly excited so I couldn’t feel any stress or any pressure from it,’ she insisted. ‘I was just overly excited just to show my sister, who is four, and my little baby cousins. My little cousin, he’s obsessed.

‘I’m so excited to see their reactions when they see it for the first time or hear my voice. They’re probably gonna be confused, but those type of things just make me feel good and thinking about how kids’ reactions will be when they see Liberty for the first time really is heartwarming.’

Paw Patrol: The Movie is in cinemas now.


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