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Movies That Feel Like Summer & Where To Stream Them

Looking to put yourself in a good summer mood without actually leaving the comforts of your own couch (or bed, or wherever you’re streaming something right now)? As the warmer months quickly approach and summer officially kicks off with the Bank Holiday weekend, you might find yourself looking to escape into a story about the sun, sand, and scenic locations. There are plenty of summery movies to stream that will certainly make you feel like you’re embarking on an exciting getaway — or reminiscing about summers growing up (no matter how awkward they might have been).

Across the four major streaming services — we’re talking Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+ here — there are plenty of movies, both new and old, that you can dive right into for a summery feeling. Whether you’re looking for some big blockbuster set at the beach, a coming-of-age story on the eve of some school graduation, or even something where it feels like you’re pulling an all-nighter into the summer nights. There are so many different movies to choose from!

So grab your favourite snack that keeps you cool, crank up the air conditioning, and snuggle up on the couch, the bed, or wherever you might be watching.

Muppet Treasure Island

Stream It On: Disney+

Based on the classic novel by Robert Louis Stevenson, Muppet Treasure Island has the Muppets put a furry spin on the tale of Jim Hawkins. It loosely follows the same story, but 100 percent more songs than any other adaptation you might have seen. Special shout out to the song called “Cabin Fever,” that might feel quite apt right about now.

Lilo and Stitch

Stream It On: Disney+

No Disney animated movie screams “vacation” more than Lilo and Stitch. Taking place in the sun-soaked Hawaii, Lilo spends her days down at the beach feeding peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to a fish and hula dancing.


Stream It On: Disney+

Remember how much you hated summer camp? No matter how bad (or even good) yours might have been, none of them will ever compare to Camp Hope and it’s over the top director played by Ben Stiller. Even if you never went to summer camp, you at least watched this 500+ times on Disney Channel one simmer, admit it.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl

Stream It On: Disney+

Summer blockbusters are a dime a dozen now, but there’s just something about the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Maybe it’s the backdrop of the actual Caribbean or the fact that a lot of it takes place on a boat that makes it perfect for summer, or maybe it’s just the way the sun kisses both Orlando Bloom and Keira Knightley.

Can’t Hardly Wait

Stream It On: Netflix

Can’t Hardly Wait reigns supreme as one of the best teen movies about the end of school because it’s all about a raging end of the school year party. Everyone who was a teen star at the time is in this movie. I mean everyone.

47 Meters Down

Stream It On: Netflix

It’s no Jaws, but it’s certainly close on the “scary shark” factor. Two sisters find themselves on a shark excursion gone horribly wrong and yes, everything about it screams “don’t go back in the water.”

Swiss Army Man

Stream It On: Netflix

Want to spend some time on a deserted island with Paul Dano and Daniel Radcliffe? Oh yeah, also one of them is dead. Swiss Army Man is definitely an inverted survivalist story — this by no means an uplifting Castaway story. It might not even fulfil any of your dreams of being alone on a deserted island. But it is funny, and that’s what matters here.


Stream It On: Netflix

Yes, the movie’s almost two decades old, so let that sink in for a second. Now that you feel super old, take a trip back to yesteryear when summer sleepovers used to be the absolute best thing in the world because you could stay up so late with zero consequences since you were a mere tween. The movie might be super dated now, but it’s still got a sweet charm to it.

Into the Blue

Stream It On: Amazon Prime Video

If you didn’t grow up watching Into the Blue every summer, were you even a child of the ‘90s? Paul Walker and Jessica Alba play a couple who live and work in the Bahamas and when friends arrive, they are tempted by the idea of buried treasure somewhere out in the ocean. So campy and over-the-top, this is a perfect late summer night watch which honestly just gets better with every viewing.

Now and Then

Stream It On: Amazon Prime Video

Now and Then didn’t just define one summer, but so many coming-of-age stories. A group of friends reunites now as one of them is about to give birth, and spend their time together reminiscing on the summer of 1970s which had so many changes and first for them. It’s still a great summer movie guaranteed to make you cry.

Something’s Gotta Give

Stream It On: Amazon Prime Video

If you’re looking for a more serious summer movie. Something’s Gotta Give features a breathtaking Nancy Meyers kitchen set in the Hamptons. What more could to want? Oh yes, Keanu Reeves as one of the main love interests.

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