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Pedro Pascal reacts to passionate fan defending Wonder Woman 1984 against bad reviews

Pedro Pascal was completely here for a fan who passionately defended Wonder Woman 1984 against some of the harsh reviews that have crept in over the past week.

The blockbuster sequel, starring Gal Gadot, Chris Pine and Kristen Wiig, was released to HBO Max in the US and some UK cinemas last week.

Initial reviews were glowing with rewarding a strong four stars and other critics at publications such as Empire and Variety showering the superhero flick with praise.

However ratings have dropped in recent days and one particular fan took it upon himself to put his cape on and address the negative response to Wonder Woman 1984.

The Twitter user, Adam J Neend, wrote: ‘I think it’s sad in 2020 that viewers will label a heartfelt homage to past filmmaking as “cheesy”, or that a story that suggests truth and love are something to aspire to as being laughable, or that a film highlighting our own narcissism, megalomania and continual desire for “the next best thing” is labeled as “preachy”.

‘No, not everyone has to like a film but the comments I’m seeing on Twitter and Facebook are a red flag to the state of the world and the human mindset.’

Pedro, who plays Maxwell Lord, was clearly impressed with the chapter and verse and replied: ‘This is amazing.’

Adam J Yeend explained his interpretation of the message in WW1984 (Picture: @adamjyeend, Twitter, Facebook)
Pedro was here for the caping (Picture: @pedropascal1, Twitter)

Wonder Woman 1984’s Rotten Tomatoes score has dropped from an 86% fresh rating to 63% and it currently has a 5.7 fan score on IMDb.

There was a mixed response to Adam’s passionate defence, with one of his followers replying: ‘Nah, my problems with this movie have NOTHING to do with the “heartfelt” or whatever you claim they are.

‘My problems with this movie are the inherent problems in its fundamental messages that people miss for favour of insisting it’s a “heartfelt” movie.’

Another agreed: ‘That’s not why I’m seeing people didn’t like it. I completely understand the concept and the way it was filmed and enjoyed the message immensely. The problem is the writing and lack of character development. So we’re just supposed to be okay with movies being “meh”?’

However supporting Adam’s argument, one Twitter user explained: ‘I really hoped, that after this year, of all years, folks were ready to start embracing that kind of message.

‘But same old cynical self centred “excuse me waiter this soup isn’t exactly 190 degrees” Twitter. Nice to read I wasn’t the only one who loved it.’

‘I really felt like the message in this film was meant for me to hear. I was sooo moved by the entire story. Me and my cousin felt the exact same way but everyone else in the group didn’t like it or get it. It was discouraging so I’m happy to see this tweet!’ another fan of the movie said.

Wonder Woman 1984 sees Pedro star as enigmatic businessman Maxwell opposite Gal as the eponymous character and Kristen as Barbara Minerva.

Fans in the UK can watch Wonder Woman 1984 via VoD from January 13. 


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