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Salma Hayek wanted to do own stunts in Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard and we expect nothing less

Salma Hayek threw herself right into the action in The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard, asking to do all her own stunts for the film.

The sequel, which is released in UK cinemas on June 18, saw the actress reprising her role as Sonia Kincaid – alongside on-screen husband Samuel L Jackson as hitman Darius Kincaid, and Ryan Reynolds as bodyguard Michael Bryce.

The second instalment of the franchise has gone even harder on the explosions, but also upped the laughs – with director Patrick Hughes spilling the beans on those wild action scenes to

When asked if there were any particular stunts he was worried about throwing his A-List cast into, he told us: ‘Certainly with Salma, she was so keen, she’s going, “I want to do all my own stunts”. I’m like, whoa, whoa, whoa.

‘Sometimes these actors, they’re so enthusiastic, everyone’s so invested, and you’re having so much fun on the set, but as a director I still wear my safety hat, first and foremost.

‘We have incredible stunt people and stunt doubles on standby to take the real scary hits.’

Salma Hayek was a total boss in the Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard (Picture: Lionsgate)

The film sees Michael (Ryan), Darius (Samuel) and Sonia (Salma) cause chaos around the most picturesque places in Europe, while trying to save the world – and themselves.

One particular stunt even caught locals and holidaymakers completely off guard – as film bosses blew up a huge boat in front of their very eyes.

Not ideal if you’re just trying to relax and top up your tan…

Recalling the ‘fun’ epic stunts, Patrick continued: ‘I remember we were shooting in such beautiful locations and that’s one I wanted to bring to the film this time, this Amalfi family road trip vacation set against the backdrop of death and destruction.

Samuel L Jackson and Ryan Reynolds also had their fair share of chaos (Picture: Lionsgate)

‘We had this stunt where we’re just blowing up this huge boat with a 400ft wall of fire and we’re in this most beautiful, stunning place and there’s people on holiday… They didn’t know that boat was about to blow up.’

‘It’s all in the pre-production, you pre this, pre plan and pre prep, because there’s so much safety involved, but you get there on the day and then you go, “all that hard work paid off” as you watch that fireball go up and [see] those families off in the distance freaking out,’ he laughed.

The filmmaker also gave us a glimpse into what things were like on set, adding that every day was ‘crazy town’.

‘I absolutely love Salma and Ryan and the energy they bring,’ he added. ‘And then you’ve got the stoic Sam and he swaggers on set, and then he’s dropping F bombs like there’s no tomorrow.

‘He’s the Grand Master of it.’

We’re already buckled up for the third film…

The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard is in cinemas from June 18.


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