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There’s A Mini-New Girl Reunion In Netflix’s Desperados Cast

Netflix’s newest rom-com is just what the summer ordered when it comes to seasonal Netflix movies — it’s fun, it’s funny. Also, Desperados includes a cast of people that you definitely recognise from… something (we’ll help you remember what). It’s just the kind of movie to tuck into while at home with a sunburn or on a rainy evening with a bottle of wine. The official Netflix description of Desperados says it’s about “A panicked young woman (Nasim Pedrad), with her reluctant friends in tow, rushes to Mexico to try and delete a ranting email she sent to her new boyfriend.” Who among us, in this age of technology, hasn’t regretted hitting send a little too fast (or a little too under the influence of something else) after writing a cutting diatribe or love note? Couple that feeling with needing to race to a foreign country and hijinks will always ensue.

Have a look at the Desperados official trailer if this seems like something you’d be into (it is, trust me), and read on to learn just a little bit more about the movie’s cast before you pop the popcorn, pour a glass of rosé, cosy up, and start streaming. That’s called movie extra credit.

Nasim Pedrad Plays Wesley

Who is Wesley?
Wesley is a 30-something guidance counsellor who can’t seem to nail down a job. She’s also very worried about still being single. After she meets Jared (Robbie Amell), it seems to work out… until she thinks he ghosts her and she sends one heck of an ugly message to his email. Whoops.

Essential Nasim Pedrad Viewing
You probably saw Pedrad for almost a decade on Saturday Night Live. Since then, she’s been featured in shows like Big Mouth, Curb Your Enthusiasm, New Girl (where she played the love interest of one of her Desperados co-stars), Scream Queens, Mulaney, and the 2019 live-action Aladdin movie.Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images.

Robbie Amell Plays Jared

Who Is Jared?
Jared is hot, smart, plus he wants kids and has a duvet cover. What more could a woman want? He’s the man of Wesley’s dreams, and he thinks she’s the perfect woman. What could go wrong?

Essential Robbie Amell Viewing
Pretty Little Liars fans will remember Amell from playing Noel’s brother on the show, but more recently, Amell’s been seen on programs like The Flash, The X-Files, and A Series Of Unfortunate Events. He’s also currently starring in Upload on Amazon.
Photo: Leon Bennett/WireImage.

Anna Camp Plays Brooke

Who Is Brooke?
Out of the two of Wesley’s BFFs, Brooke is the “tough” one. She also has a baby and is getting tired of rescuing her dear friend Wesley alllllll the time.

Essential Anna Camp Viewing
Camp’s starred in Pitch Perfect and all of its subsequent sequels, as well as shows like True Blood, The Good Wife, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and Perfect Harmony. Most recently, she played the woman threatening Kumail Nanjiani and Issa Rae with bacon grease to the face in Netflix’s Lovebirds.Photo: Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic.

Sarah Burns Plays Kaylie

Who is Kaylie?
Kaylie seems to be the “nicer” of Wesley’s best friends. She’s married, she has a cat, and she’s ready to go on whatever adventure Wesley drags her into.

Essential Sarah Burns Viewing
Burns met her maker on How To Get Away With Murder, and she’s also been featured on shows like Enlightened, Drunk History, Married, American Vandal, and Barry. And if you feel like you’ve seen her play one of two best friends in a rom-com before, you have: She played Rashida Jones’ single bestie in I Love You, Man. Photo: Brandon Williams/Getty Images.

Lamorne Morris Plays Sean

Who Is Sean?
Sean is the guy who’s definitely not right for Wesley (he says so right in the trailer), but that probably means that they’d be perfect together, right?

Essential Lamorne Morris Viewing
You probably know Lamorne best for playing Winston on New Girl (fun fact: Winston ends up with Pedrad’s character Aly on that show), but he’s also starred on shows like Valley Of The Boom, Human Discoveries, SMILF, and Woke.Photo: Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic.

Jessica Chaffin Plays Debbie

Who is Debbie?
A fellow guest at the resort where Wesley, Kaylie, and Brooke go to follow Jared, Debbie is a mom that you definitely don’t want to mess with.

Essential Jessica Chaffin Viewing
Another New Girl alum, Chaffin has also appeared on Another Period, VEEP, Episodes, Search Party, and Abby’s, and she voices Shannon Glaser on the not-made-for-kids Netflix animated comedy Big Mouth. Photo: Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage.

Heather Graham Plays Angel de la Paz

Who Is Angel De La Paz?
Not much is known about this character early on in the film, but we all know if a star like Heather Graham is named last in the opening credits, a “cameo” is sure to follow. We’ll give you a hint, though: Wellness Retreat.

Essential Heather Graham Viewing
Graham shot to the top of the A-List after appearing in Boogie Nights and Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me. Oh, and don’t forget her turns on Sex And The City, Scrubs, The Hangover, Californication, and Angie Tribeca.Photo: Vincent Sandoval/Getty Images.

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