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Ella Henderson admits to ‘falling in love’ with boyfriend in lockdown: ‘Light came into my life’

Ella Henderson is officially a woman in love after starting a new relationship in lockdown and describes her boyfriend as ‘the light’ that came into her life. 

The Ghost singer is currently dating Team GB swimmer Jack Burnell after meeting at the start of 2020.

However, it was during lockdown that their love truly blossomed and Ella admits it was completely ‘unexpected’.

‘Who’d have thought in a pandemic you can grow and form a bond,’ she said while chatting about her new single with Tom Grennan, Let’s Go Home Together.

‘For me it’s so difficult and so strange that it’s going to be one or the other, it’s either gonna bring you closer together or it’s going to draw you absolutely miles apart and I’m fortunate enough to say mine is the first one.’

She added: ‘He’s my best mate and I think it’s great because of what he does and what I do as a career, we understand one another because from such a young age we’ve made sacrifices in our own arenas.

‘He’s an athlete so he gets it from that perspective and I’m music so we both relate to one another but not too much, we don’t ever clash because if I had someone who constantly wanted to talk about music I think I’d go crazy.’

Ella, 25, has used her relationship with Jack, 27, as inspiration for her new music in the writing process for her long-awaited second studio album.

Of course with the singer being smitten, fans can expect happy and uplifting songs about love.

The Yours singer explained: ‘I’ve already written quite a bit. It’s interesting because when I look back on the last two, three years of me, I suffer very badly with anxiety and panic attacks and I think when you’re in that you don’t know you’re in it and I couldn’t write about it then so I feel like now I’ve definitely opened up a lot in my writing sessions and I’ve written about those times as well.

‘What’s really nice is I feel like the album that’s to come is going to end in a way that’s quite hopeful because where I’m at in my life now, I just can’t believe that I’m here and surrounded by the people that I have.’

She added: ‘I think people will hear that transition of where light came into my life and I guess falling in love and feeling like I can completely be myself in that relationship which is an amazing thing when you find that.’

Ella has returned to the charts with her new single, Let’s Go Home Together, which features her close pal Grennan.

The music video – inspired by The Pogues’ A Fairytale in New York – is a whole lot of fun but might be a little difficult to watch in lockdown as Ella and Tom down pints and hang out with friends in the pub.

The song, which is currently number one on the UK’s Big Top 40, was co-written between Ella and James Arthur and he couldn’t more pleased with how it’s turned out.

‘He’s super proud, we’ve been texting the last few days and he’s like a big brother to me,’ Ella revealed.

‘It’s always been a situation of we were always going to put this record out but it’s just been a timing thing.

‘When it came to doing it, it was never about replacing James, it was always just figuring out if there’s anyone that fits the shape and mould of this record and when Tom came to mind and I sent him the tracks, he loved it and it just really felt right. He’s a good mate of mine and he’s absolutely smashed it.’

She added: ‘I know James has said, “You’ve given it your own kind of spin, it’s wicked”. It feels like this song has a lot of good energy and nice positive vibes around it which feels really good.’

Ella Henderson’s new single, Let’s Go Home Together, featuring Tom Grennan is out now. 


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