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Brits spend almost a third of their holiday budget on pre-travel prep

Spending on things like nail appointments, waxing, and sun cream are taking up more of our holiday budgets than we realise.

New data from Zip, a ‘buy now pay later’ service, reveals the average Brit is spending nearly a third of their holiday money on items and treatments before even boarding.

Travel is back on again, and with the restrictions over the last two years, Brits might be more tempted to adopt an all-in approach to their spending.

It might be worth it initially, but is it still when the bill hits?

Nearly a third of UK travellers admit they worry about spending too much before they jet off.

Over a third are concerned pre-flight expenses could mean they forgo activities whilst away, such as organised trips or fancy meals.

On average, Brits spent £939 on their last holiday, and over a third plan to spend more on the next one.

Based on the typical UK salary, people are spending just under half of their monthly income on a single getaway.

Some of this is down to prep – from buying new clothes to booking in for treatments.

Quick tips for money management

Don’t spend beyond your means: Consider any purchase carefully – do you need five pairs of sunglasses, or can you manage with one or two?

Budget carefully: Consider when you’re going to pay for things, keeping it in line with payday.

Don’t pay off credit with credit: If you can’t afford it, don’t buy it.

Plan in advance: Make purchases well ahead of your trip, it will serve your wallet well in the long (and short) term.

Of those surveyed, 43% think their wardrobe needs an update, and Zip estimate at least £145 is spent before people even head to the airport.

When it comes to beauty, £180 is usually dropped – with hair treatments coming to around £93, manicures £27, pedicures £28 and £32 on eyelash extensions or tinting.

Struggling with budgeting was a concern for over half of survey respondents, given how out of practice they felt.

Poor budgeting has resulted in 18% having to make changes to their holiday, whilst 5% admit they have cancelled a trip due to a lack of funds.

Over a third have previously put some, or all of the cost, of a trip on a credit card.

Keeping a closer eye on pre-flight spending may be one way to keep totals down.


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