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Why do celebrities – as well as common people – love to gamble?

My Celebrity Life –

Casinos are wildly popular, and that goes for land-based casinos as well as online casinos. In fact, they are so popular that even some of the biggest stars enjoy spinning the slots and throwing the dice. But what is it about casinos that celebrities – as well as common people – love so much? Read along and get the answer!

You probably saw 007 gamble while drinking Martini Vespers in the movie Casino Royale. But he is not the only star enjoying the neon blinking clubs of Las Vegas and the online slot machines. A lot of celebrities like to play a fun game and place an exciting bet. 

This goes, of course, for common people as well. The wheels of the slot machines are constantly turning, and cards for classic games are being dealt with a quick hand. Because the appeal is so broad, something tells us that there must be some universal reasons for casinos’ popularity. 


Fun and the festive atmosphere of Las Vegas 

Maybe the stars have the answer to why online and land-based casinos are so popular? Let us find out why Paris Hilton packs her pink bags to go to Las Vegas on the regular. Let us dive into the reasons why Brad Pitt developed a passion for blackjack while filming Ocean 11, and George Clooney invested in a casino resort. 

Let us start with the blond of all blonds, Paris Hilton. As you probably know she is a party girl, and she loves being around people, which is why she fits in perfectly in Las Vegas as well as Atlantic City. As for Brad Pitt, he reveals that he got passionate about especially poker and blackjack because of the excitement. 


My Celebrity Life –
Photo by Nicola Tolin on Unsplash

Rather than just the money, the popularity of casinos can therefore be explained by the fun and entertaining quality of the games. The colourful and festive, yet cool, atmosphere that is surrounding the games is also a big factor. Therefore, Paris Hilton loves the neon blinking casino clubs, and George Clooney invested in the (never constructed) casino resort, Las Ramblas. 

The authentic experience at the online casinos 

The special casino atmosphere can also be found at the online casinos. Here you can find all the classic casino games as well as the newest slot machines and sports betting. At you will find it all, including a great guide on how to get the best bonuses – and much more.

Yggdrasil games are a trending topic, so it is possible that the stars may know of them as well. Who knows if you are suddenly playing a game with your biggest idols, say 50 Cent or Matt Damon? Because if the stars cannot come to Las Vegas, Las Vegas can easily come to them. 

There are of course also more “low key” stars, such as writer Maria Konnikova, who takes inspiration from the casino games and atmosphere. Some even like to reflect psychologically and philosophically on the phenomenon of gambling.

The stress relief and relaxation of gambling 

As mentioned, fun and entertainment are some of the main reasons why stars love to gamble. This might sound kind of shallow, but actually it is not. In our modern society we need entertainment and fun activities that can make us relax. 

Never before have we seen so much stress and so many burn out cases, and the pandemic has not been helpful to improve these statistics. Aside from getting some expert tips for feeling overworked and stressed, relaxing activities can help. And that is a big reason why common people as well as the biggest stars worldwide use online and land-based casinos for this purpose.

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