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24 Hours in Police Custody: Viewers heartbroken as domestic abuse victim dies after partner smiles when arrested for GBH

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24 Hours in Police Custody viewers were shocked saddened by the story of Paul Jenner and Sherry Naidoo (Picture: Channel 4)

Viewers of 24 Hours in Police Custody were distraught on Monday night as they learned a male domestic abuse victim died after his partner smiled as she was arrested on suspicion of grievous bodily harm with intent.

In the series finale Sherry Naidoo was arrested after allegedly attacking her partner Paul Jenner at their home in Houghton Regis, Bedforshire, sending him to intensive care.

Paul was transferred to hospital where he received urgent treatment for brain trauma after suffering two bleeds to the brain.

The incident happened just five days after she was released from six months in prison for another assault which left Paul needing medical attention.

The case was investigated by Bedfordshire Police officer Alicia Lawrence who knew Paul and Sherry from the previous case.

Alicia said: ‘Paul has always been loyal to Sherry. When I look back at the history there have been so many assaults. But Paul wouldn’t name them.’

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Sherry was interrogated by police (Picture: Channel 4)

She was unsuccessful in previously persuading Paul to admit what happened as he felt the need to protect his abusive partner.

And while the same happened again during this evening’s episode, they were able to go ahead with their arrest as Paul described the incident in a 999 call made from hospital.

Paul said: ‘I’ve been violently attacked again by my partner. I’m in intensive care. She’s been in prison for six months and she’s come out and done it to me again.

‘I’ve just got to get out the relationship now haven’t I?’

The call handler responded: ‘Yes, I would say so. People who love you don’t hurt you like that.’

On hearing the call, Alicia said: ‘That is massive for him. He’s never given this before. He’s named her.’

Sherry was arrested and brought into Luton Police Station where she was held in custody.

As she was led away from her home by police, she could be seen telling a friend: ‘I’ll sort it out, I haven’t done nothing. I’ll be out tonight, I ain’t done nothing wrong.’

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Bedfordshire Police officer Alicia Lawrence worked on the case (Picture: Channel 4)

Arriving at the police station, she asked the awaiting officers: ‘He’s p**sed me off, why do it again to me?’

Police visited her home and found she’d washed the clothes she’d been wearing when she was pictured by a neighbour following the alleged incident.

After Paul’s condition stabilised officers went to visit him in hospital in a bid to get a statement and offer him some help.

However, he insisted hadn’t been assaulted by Sherry ‘in any way, shape or form’ and that he’d hit his head while drunk, adding that he was concerned about her being in police custody.

Speaking back at the police station, Alicia said: ‘This genuinely concerns me because he obviously wants to engage but he’s scared, but he’s given us just enough with the 999 call.

‘We’ll go in without him.’

Sherry was then interrogated by Alicia and another officer but she declined to answer any of their questions.

However, when she was played Paul’s 999 call, Sherry responded: ‘It’s bulls**t coming out of his mouth. I didn’t do nothing to him,’ prompting her solicitor to ask for a moment with his client.

After further consideration, Sherry was arrested while in custody for grievous bodily harm and she smiled when she was told her rights causing viewers to express their outrage on social media.

One person wrote: ‘She’s pure evil. She doesn’t give a s**t. She does want him dead doesn’t she? #24hoursinpolicecustody.’

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Alicia knew Sherry and Paul from a previous case (Picture: Channel 4)

Another person wrote: ‘She’s obviously got/had her own issues /problems but nothing absolutely nothing makes it right to attack your partner, be you female or male. #24HoursInPoliceCustody.’

Someone else shared: ‘Why is she smiling?! She’s looking at life! #24hoursinpolicecustody’

While another user posted: ‘#24hoursinpolicecustody Why the F**k is this Vile Monster, Sherry, still smiling?’

Moments later, the television audience learned Paul had suffered a heart attack and that he’d fallen into a coma six days after the police visited him in hospital.

Alicia explained: ‘He’s only alive by ventilator essentially. No part of his brain is reacting to anything.’

The terrible news devastated viewers who tweeted to show their shock.

One viewer wrote: ‘Oh my God, I knew this case was coming to a close too early in the episode.’

Someone else wrote: ‘Those poor police officers too, can really see the devastation in their eyes.

One other person wrote: ‘Oh my God, I can’t believe how this story is unfolding .’

My Celebrity Life –

Sherry was taken into police custody (Picture: Channel 4)

Another viewer posted: ‘How f**king sad. Rest in peace Paul, I feel your pain from experience and wise you had got out sooner #24hoursinpolicecustody God I’m crying!

Alicia said: ‘He really loved her and he protected her until he died. He would have always defended her.

‘He was completely used to that way of life and it’s all he knew anymore and that’s the tragedy.

‘This is going to be a job that stays with me for life. I hope she goes down for a very long time.

‘Knowing what we know now. I don’t think GBH with intent is enough and I think it should go up again to murder.’

Sherry was eventually charged with actual bodily harm and was sentenced to 18 months in prison.

Domestic abuse helpline

If you are in immediate danger call 999. If you cannot talk, dial 55 and the operator will respond.

For emotional support, you can contact the National Domestic Violence Helpline on 0808 2000 247. Alternatively, you can email Women’s Aid on

For free and confidential advice and support for women in London affected by abuse, you can call Solace on 0808 802 5565 or email



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