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Alison Hammond takes over America with help of John Oliver and her contagious laugh

Alison Hammond’s contagious laugh has conquered the UK and now she’s making her way over to America.

In a montage played on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, viewers were treated to ‘The Delightful Delight of Alison Hammond’ – just a compilation of Alison’s laugh.

In the minute-long clip, Alison has Ryan Gosling hilariously laughing at her quick wit, is cackling after getting tongue-tied in front of Harry Styles, and is in fits of laughter over several This Morning blunders.

While John didn’t comment on the clip, Alison’s notorious laugh said it all, and viewers loved it.

One person penned on Twitter: ‘The Alison Hammond segment on #LastWeekTonight was the joy we all needed this week.

‘Hell, I’d watch a whole show of her highlights. Alison is a joy.’

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver included ‘The Delightful Delight of Alison Hammond’ (Picture: Warner Bros/ITV)

Another wrote: ‘The Alison Hammond super cut on @LastWeekTonight was a minute of absolute joy!’





One viewer noted a scene that should have been included in the clip, writing: ‘Great to see Alison Hammond on tonight’s show but I can’t believe you didn’t show the @AlisonHammond Italy police incident, that run.’

The scene in question was a This Morning moment from 2019, where Italian police interrupted Alison live on air, and nearly arrested her!

The presenter was on a European Disney Cruise for the TV show, but hopped off at Pisa to get a shot of the iconic tower for the daily live link.

However, as she tried to cut through to the prize information from outside the tower, police ran in to cut off filming and the cameraman was then ushered away from the area behind a gate as Alison attempted to carry on regardless.

She always has us in fits of laughter! (Picture: Ken McKay/ITV)

As more police surrounded her, she declared: ‘I’m going to get arrested!’

Thankfully, she was still handcuff free when the cameras later cut back to her, and she was even feeling a little rebellious as she tried to get a shot of the policemen.

But her attempts at being subtle failed miserably and she was spotted once again – causing her to peg it up the street as quickly as she could.

Thankfully it seemed she dodged the heavy arm of the law for her filming ways – or she’s now still on the run as the worst fugitive ever.


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