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All the rules contestants need to follow in the Love Island villa

Love Island contestants have a whole host of rules they need to adhere to (Picture: ITV)

Aside from recouplings and bombshells, it may seem like Love Island 2022 contestants are enjoying carefree days in the sunshine.

However, the islanders still have a strict set of rules they have to adhere to in the villa – and breaking these could lead to contestants getting the boot.

While some of the earlier seasons contained far more debauchery, raging rows, and even scenes of contestants romping, producers have become a tad more firm over the years.

Thankfully, the guidelines don’t seem to have put a stop to the drama in Love Island 2022 with a steamy smooch between Davide Sanclimenti and Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu and Luca Bish getting close to losing his rag following Gemma Owen’s ex Jacques O’Neill entering the villa.

So, here’s every rule that the ITV2 dating show’s contestants have to follow during their time on the show.

What rules do Love Island contestants need to follow?

No matter how lengthy – or brief – the islanders stints are, there are several rules they need to adhere to in the Love Island villa.


You may recall chaos kicking off in the smoking area during the earlier seasons of Love Island, with chats taking place on the decking.

Contestants could previously smoke in the villa’s grounds at a designated smoking area, but this has since been scrapped (Picture: ITV)

ITV has since switched up the rules and from series five, in 2019, ITV put an end to Love Island smoking scenes after complaints from viewers.

While the contestants on the show can still smoke, they must go to a ‘designated smoking area’ away from the villa and they must smoke solo.

This is to prevent social smoking and to avoid conversations between contestants that can’t be shown on screen.

The broadcaster revealed to that these rules apply to vaping, too.


Drugs are strictly prohibited in the villa, as well as illicit substances like legal highs or steroids.

In 2019, it was reported that contestants were drug tested before entering the villa, but they are allowed to take prescription medication in if it’s been pre-approved by the production crew.


If you’re wondering why you don’t see rowdy and drunken behaviour on Love Island, it’s because producers are keeping a close eye on just how much the contestants are drinking.

Love Island contestants can have a limited number of alcoholic drinks each day (Picture: ITV)

Many previous contestants have revealed there’s a two-drink limit each day and a choice of wine and beer or bubbly on special occasions like parties, the first day and dates.

Spirits are never given to contestants, according to series two’s Liana Isadora Van-Riel.

A spokesman for Love Island said at the time: ‘We provide our islanders with all of the necessary precautionary measures and all alcohol consumption is strictly monitored by our production team.’

Inappropriate language, bullying, and violence

One of the most notable Love Island incidents involved season five contestant Sherif Lanre being booted from the villa in 2019.

While show bosses remained tight-lipped about the reasons behind his exit, he later told the Sun on Sunday that it was due to him accidentally kicking fellow islander Molly-Mae in the groin and then joking about it using bad language, including the c-word.

He was told that he had to pack his bags and leave the villa without speaking to fellow contestants.

It is unclear whether it was his language that had him removed from the villa, though Ellie Brown referred to fellow contestant Georgia Brown using the c-word in 2018.

However, the ITV team claim to be very strict about any inappropriate language or bullying behaviour and contestants are ‘forbidden’ from making inappropriate remarks or comments’.

In fact, if they are found to be bullying or showing aggressive behaviour to other islanders, they could be removed from the villa.


There are rumours that the contestants aren’t allowed to pleasure themselves while in the villa – but these are unfounded.

Masturbation is reportedly allowed, so long as it isn’t in the shower.

In 2019, according to an unnamed former star, one islander complained to the team after getting into the shower barefoot and ‘getting more than they bargained for’.


The producers had to intervene, and set precedent that all future self-love sessions need to be done in the loo.

Islanders have to keep any solo hanky panky in the toilet (Picture: ITV)

Want more proof? Season five’s Tommy Fury revealed on the show that he masturbated ‘most days’ in the villa.


Again, despite more relaxed rules and protocol in earlier seasons of the show, Love Island contestants are now prohibited from being naked.

With cameras rolling 24/7 for scenes needing to be aired on the show, those in the villa reportedly contractually agree to being dressed appropriately at all times when on the show.

Clothes and branded clothing

Love Island contestants are not allowed to wear any branded clothing or accessories unless they have been provided by brand sponsors.

Contestants cannot be naked in the villa (Picture: ITV)

This year, the show’s clothing sponsor is eBay and its previous fast-fashion sponsor has been dropped in order to promote eco-friendly alternatives.

Previously, according to the Mirror, the rules stated: ‘You shall not wear anything which is branded or have visible logos such as clothing, accessories or footwear (except as directed by us).

‘If asked to do so by us, you shall immediately remove or change any item of clothing, accessory or footwear and our decision in this regard shall be final.’

While they are usually allowed to wear their own clothes, they are also given a string of new items to wear by the show’s sponsors.

Amy Hart told Closer online: ‘So, for our year we were sponsored by ISAWITFIRST. So, we all got a £1,000 gift card to use online. It was actually 50% off at the time, so we got £2,000 each. And then you could bring in two suitcases – bring in clothes from other brands.

‘Every week we were sent in like a little duffle bag with some more clothes in it that we’d, sort of, picked out from the gifting suite or told them, you know, ‘I like neon, I like floral’ and they would send it in.

‘This year, they’ve teamed up with eBay, so they’ve got in the girl’s dressing room, in the corner, there’s like a little ‘Pre-Loved’ closet with things they’ve brought from eBay second hand.

‘The girls, and the boys, actually as well, are being encouraged wear, share and re-wear their clothes to save the planet and, you know, help and hopefully encourage other people to re-wear their clothes as well.’

Days off

According to series three winner Kem Cetinay, the contestants were given a day off on Saturdays and were able to leave the villa with supervision from ITV crew members.

However, they were not allowed to talk about anything to do with the show and can only talk about ‘home life’.

However, Amy Hart from series five told Closer Online: ‘Saturdays isn’t a day off. We don’t have days off we have our microphones the whole time.

‘Every day I was in there I was mic’d and filmed.’

The rules must have changed between 2017 and 2019.

Phones and WiFi

While many of the Love Island contestants in recent years were influencers even before appearing on the show, each islander must hand in their phone before entering the villa.

They are given their own phone on the show, on which they can take photos and receive the ‘I’ve got a text!’ messages.

Love Island contestants are not allowed their personal phones in the villa (Picture: ITV)

They cannot have any contact with the outside world, nor can they ask new contestants who join the show what is going on and how they are being perceived outside the villa.

The time

A truly bizarre element of the show for participants, islanders are not allowed to know what time it is.

They have no watches and clocks in the villa and it has also been covered up on appliances like the oven.

Contestants from earlier seasons have said that they used the sun to get an idea of what time it was. Producers also tell them when to sleep and wake up.

Series five contestant Michael Griffiths told British GQ: ‘We tried to make a sundial, but we still couldn’t figure out when.’

Meanwhile series three contestant Montana Brown told The Independent: ‘They’ll wake you up by putting the lights on or a voiceover will say “Islanders, it’s time to get up”.’

Fake tan

Despite contestants always looking bronzed on Love Island, fake tan is reportedly banned from the villa according to former contestant Chloe Burrows.

It is supposedly due to producers wanting to avoid the villa’s white sheets from being ruined by white stains.

Their bronzed bods are au naturel (Pictue: ITV)

Which Love Island contestants have been kicked out for breaking the rules?

While many Love Islanders have previously walked from the villa, including season eight’s Liam Llewellyn, some have also been told to leave by producers for breaking the rules.

Season two contestant Malia Arkian was removed from the villa for breaking the rules when she became involved in a physical fight with Kady McDermott.

And, in 2019, Sherif Lanre was told to leave the Love Island villa for ‘breaking the villa rules’. Producers claimed this was ‘mutually agreed’.

The former Islander said in the statement: ‘In a case of poor judgement, I broke the villa rules and as a result agreed with the producers that it was best for me to leave the villa.

‘I regret that I didn’t conduct myself in the right way and, as a 20 year old guy, it’s something I know I will take on board and learn from.

‘I really enjoyed my time in the villa and look forward to catching up with everyone on the outside.’

Love Island 2022 continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2.

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