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Alyson Hannigan divides Buffy The Vampire Slayer fans as she declares ‘Buffy should have dated Willow’

Alyson Hannigan reckons Buffy and Willow should have dated (Picture: Rex)

Alyson Hannigan has sent Buffy The Vampire Slayer fans into overdrive, as she took to Twitter to declare that Willow and Buffy should have dated in the show.

The actress, 46, who played Willow Rosenberg in the original vampire teen series that won us all over back in the 90s, shared how she really feels about her character’s onscreen relationship and, well, there’s one that she wishes had been explored.

You see, Alyson just created a whole new couple to ship and declared that ‘Buffy should have dated Willow’ on Twitter.

The girls were great pals in the series, but never romantically involved, with Willow finding love instead with girlfriend Tara, before she was tragically shot and killed off, and then Kennedy.

Buffy (played by Sara Michelle Gellar), meanwhile, had us all hooked when it came to her love stories with Spike, Angel and Riley, but Alyson thinks producers missed out on a romance that had the potential to be iconic.

Following her tweet, fans were divided and while some were all for Buffy and Willow getting together (Billow or Wuffy, anyone?) others made it clear they were not on board.


In fact, it pretty much led to Buffy fans everywhere revealing the couples they’d had their heart set on.

‘I would say yes but Willow deserved better. Buffy was selfish when it came to love. And Tara brought Willow out of her shell and into her own power,’ one fan tweeted.

Another joked: ‘She would have had a lot less heartbreak and they would have been even more formidable,’ as one fan wrote: ‘She definitely would have been happier with Willow than with Angel, Riley or Spike lol.’

‘Buffy couldn’t handle willow. She had a hard enough time with angel and spike and they were pushovers,’ suggested one fan of the series.

‘I dig it,’ wrote another. ‘Not sure Buffy would have been TLC enough for Willow. But I was a Kennedy fan so what do I know.’

‘I really don’t see those two ladies being compatible as a couple. They’re amazing friends, but of all the pairings we came up with back in the day, that never seemed like a good one, given the personality differences,’ offered one more fan.

Not everyone was on board, though, as one fan posted: ‘Omg gross buffy and willow were like sisters. Buffy and Angel. Willow and Tara.

‘You know who Willow should’ve never dated…. Kennedy,’ said one fan.

‘I’m still just sat here wanting Buffy and Faith to get together…..since s03 (early s03 for obvious reasons),’ tweeted one user, as another teased: ‘Actually buffy should have dated Faith and Willow should have done a spell to turn Oz into a woman because he was the best.’

Buffy The Vampire Slayer came to an end 17 years ago in 2003 after airing for seven seasons.

Alyson played Willow in the 90s TV series (Picture: Rex)

Fans weren’t so thrilled about Willow’s romance with Kennedy (Picture: WB)

It followed Buffy Summers, who finds out that she is the latest in a long line of women of Vampire Slayers and is called to fight against vampires and other forms of evil under the guidance of her Watcher – all while trying to live as normal a life as possible.

Since the show ended, fans have gone on to see its cast grace the screen in other projects with Alyson going on to play Michelle from Band Camp in the American Pie movies and the role of Lily Aldrin in How I Met Your Mother.

Its leading star Sarah, who is now married to Freddie Prinze Jr, went on to star in movies Scooby Doo and The Grudge, as well as TV series Ringer and The Crazy Ones.

Last year, she made a guest appearance as herself in the final episode of The Big Bang Theory, which has since been hailed as the ‘best celebrity cameo’.


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