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Anne Robinson admits she ‘couldn’t get away’ with her cutting insults on The Weakest Link today

Anne Robinson believes she ‘couldn’t get away’ with most of the savage comments she dished out on The Weakest Link if she were to present the series today.

The TV presenter will be making her debut as the new host of Countdown on Monday, taking over from Nick Hewer.

However, viewers may be shocked to find a more tameShe’ll be a different host on Countdown. persona from Anne, who admits her scathing feedback on her iconic BBC game show probably wouldn’t get past the line these days.

Speaking to Lorraine Kelly, the broadcaster said: ‘I honestly couldn’t get away with saying now what I used to say.’

Lorraine agreed: ‘You couldn’t, it was a different, different time but we knew it was a persona.’

As Anne pulled a face, Lorraine wondered: ‘Or was it?’

Anne then explained: ‘You also know that when the cameras are off here or you’re at home, … we all say, “Why’s she so fat?” My aunt Barbara always used to say, “You’d think with her money she’d buy a better blouse”.

‘It’s only really not letting a thought go unsaid.’

Anne, 76, also reacted to the news that comedian Romesh Raganathan will be the new host of The Weakest Link featuring celebrity contestants, and said she was ‘thrilled’.

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Anne Robinson was known for her cutting insults on The Weakest Link (Picture: BBC)

The former journalist also recently told us how she’s approached her role on Countdown differently to The Weakest Link, which she hosted from 2000 until 2012.

‘One of the rules I had, quite unconsciously on The Weakest Link was that I never, ever met the contestants before,’ she explained.

‘Even on the celebrity shows I would come on the programme as the lights were already ready to go and people would say “hi” and I’d just keep a straight face and ignore them and that helped to build atmosphere.

‘But on Countdown, for a couple of reasons, they are sitting there when I get into the studio and I do say “hello, how are you?”

‘It’s simply to allow them to see that the sort of slightly pantomime character on The Weakest Link isn’t all of me.’

She added: ‘It’s not going to be the same as The Weakest Link because that was a slightly exaggerated, horrible person but I’m me.’

Anne Robinson presents Countdown from Monday, June 28 at 2:10pm on Channel 4.

Lorraine airs weekdays at 9am on ITV.

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