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Are The Circle contestants allowed to leave their apartments?

The Circle challenges contestants to become the most popular in order to win a huge cash prize, without any of them meeting each other face to face.

Players only communicate through a voice activated chatroom/social network called the Circle, where they can update statuses and share pictures, chucking in a few emoji if they so wish, as well as decide who to block – or vote out.

In order to make sure they don’t meet the other contestants each person gets a flat to stay in in the same building.

The block of flats used for the current series and the celebrity version is located in Salford, Greater Manchester.

We see the players taking part from their flats for as long as their time in the game lasts, but are they allowed to leave the apartment at any point?

Are players on The Circle allowed to leave their apartments?

My Celebrity Life –
The Circle contestants each have a fully equipped kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and living room in their apartments (Picture: Channel 4)

Contestants are allowed to leave their apartments in order to use the facilities in the block of flats, such as the roof terrace.

However to make sure they don’t cross paths, players leave their rooms one at a time.

Channel 4 say that the contestants can have no contact with anybody outside of The Circle, unless for medical reasons, so players can’t just nip out to the shops or go for dinner.

Typically, players that have been voted out get the chance to meet one contestant of their choice, whether they have a score to settle for example or they’re a catfish that wants to come clean.

My Celebrity Life –
Players are usually allowed to meet someone of their choice when they are voted out (Picture: Channel 4)

The apartments come with a fully equipped kitchen including an oven, dishwasher and microwave, a bedroom, bathroom and a living room.

Each flat is fitted with cameras and screens so contestants can access the Circle.

The new civilian series kicked off on Tuesday night and saw Gladiators’ star James Crossley – playing as a nurse called Gemma – decide to block ‘Chris’, aka Yolanda.

However Yolanda was given a second chance with a shock twist that gave her the opportunity to re-enter the game by stealing the identity of another player.

The Circle continues tonight at 10pm on Channel 4.

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