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Below Deck Down Under star Magda Ziomek sacked as Captain Jason Chambers makes crew changes

Below Deck Down Under star Magda Ziomek has been sacked from the cast by Captain Jason Chambers, after weeks of leaving her crew mates unimpressed.

Viewers have seen the stewardess struggle to deal with her duties recently – while also spending shifts glued to her phone – meaning Aesha Scott and Tumi Mhlongo were forced to pick up the slack.

In the latest episode, things became too much for the Captain, who decided that it was time to let her go.

He was informed that there was a backup stew available if she was needed, and offered the chief stewardess the offer to make a swap if she needed it.

‘So, I’ve thought about Magda,’ she eventually told him. ‘I think it’s in our best interest if we find an experienced replacement.

‘As you said, this isn’t a training vessel. We’re going into charter eight. No one should be having to pick up anyone’s slack.’

Magda Ziomek was let go in the latest episode of Below Deck Down Under (Picture: Peacock)

Speaking to the camera, the Below Deck veteran continued: ‘My responsibility lies to the guests, to the captain, to Tumi.

‘I don’t feel great, but being a leader, sometimes you do actually just have to make those tough decisions.’

It was down to the Captain to give Magda her marching orders, informing her: ‘We run with three stewardesses on a big boat. Unfortunately, your experience is not where I want the three girls to be at.

‘I really enjoy working with you as a crew member. But going through for the next two charters, I really need this team to fire.

It was down to Captain Jason Chambers to fire Magda (Picture: Peacock)

‘So I’m going to let you go. It’s sad news, but that’s where we’re at.’

She vowed that she had been improving with her work, but was told: ‘It’s improving, but not at the pace that I want.

‘And I need people at Tumi and Aesha’s level.’

The axe might come as a shock to some as the instalment began with the Captain having an intense sit-down chat with deckhand Benny Crawley, who had also been having issues with his performance on the boat.

‘I had to make a decision. We just can’t have you going against the grain,’ he told his employee. ‘That being said, I’ve spoken to the deck crew individually. They want you part of their team. Now, I feel the same.

‘I think you can grow and get back on your tracks. There needs to be an improvement. If it goes back a little bit, we’re making a change next charter, okay?

Benny added to the camera: ‘I’ve been given another chance.

‘I can’t take this opportunity for granted. I’m going to make it to the end. I’m just going to work the hardest I possibly can.’

With footage in the trailer appearing to tease another axing on the way, all eyes will be on who isn’t performing in the remaining few charters.

Below Deck Down Under is available to stream on hayu.


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