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Black Narcissus: 5 questions we have as chaos takes over nuns in the Himalayas

Black Narcissus hit our screens this Sunday night and the Sisters of the Saint Faith school are already struggling in the depths of the Himalayan mountains.

As Sister Clodagh (Gemma Arterton) is proud of be the youngest ever Sister Superior of the Order, and its something that will undoubtedly get her into trouble around the village of Nopu.

Like Mr Dean warns – pride can be deadly.

With her determination to succeed in the mission already taking over her sensibilities and rationale, it seems she’s in for a slippery slope.

As we await the next episode tomorrow, we have questions not just for her, but for everyone staying within the palace walls.

Here’s some of the things we want to know.

What’s happening to Sister Ruth?

What’s going on with Sister Ruth? (Picture: BBC)

Sister Ruth was the least prepared to go on this mission and she is clearly not quite as ready for a life in the sisterhood as much as the others.

With very little patience for children, more than a little bit racist, and craving power, Sister Ruth is causing friction among the sister.

Not least with Sister Clodagh, whom she clashes with at such frequency she ended up getting slapped in the face.

But there’s something else wrong with her, as her constant illnesses and her seeming hallucinations are beginning to toy with her mind.

Is she becoming possessed by the sister of the General? Or is it something else that’s beginning to plague her mind?

Why did the Brothers of Peter leave?

Can the nuns handle their mission? (Picture: BBC)

The nuns were given this mission in the Himayalan mountains after a group of priests failed – leaving the palace with little to no explanation.

It’s a mystery that noone seems to know, or want to talk about, the answers to – but Sister Clodagh and co need to figure this out quickly in case they fall into the same mistakes.

What happened to Sister Clodagh?

From what appear to be flashbacks, we see a happy and in love sister Clodagh with a mystery man.

By comparison, she seems lonely and upset now, so what happened to this literal man of her dreams and why did they decide to split?

Was it a calling to the church on her side, or was it something far more devastating that resulted in her seeking a new life within the Sisterhood?

What happened to Sister Clodagh? (Picture: BBC)

What is Kanchi up to?

Mr Dean introduces Kanchi, a local girl, to the school, but she seems to have quite the connection to the blunt caretaker.

Is their more to their relationship than meets the eye?

It also seems like she could be up to something, with some seriously suspicious behaviour going on.

Is she someone to be wary of, or is she just a red herring as paranoia sets in among the nuns?

What happened to the General’s sister?

The General’s sister appears to be haunting the halls of the former harem and at the beginning of the episode, we see that she died on the premises.

The high altitude and isolated area could play tricks with anyone’s mind, but why is she still present around the school?

And if so, is there anything that can be done to lay her spirit to rest before it’s too late?

Black Narcissus continues tomorrow at 9pm on BBC One.


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