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Charli D’Amelio exposes sister Dixie for stealing their mother’s car

Charli D’Amelio and her sister Dixie were revealing some previously unknown details during their appearance on Thursday’s Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon.

The TikTok superstars took part in the show’s recurring game, Know Your Sis, in which Jimmy asked them to prove how much they know about their sibling.

When the host asked Charli to name something Dixie has done that she wouldn’t want to talk about with their parents, Heidi and Marc D’Amelio.

The 16-year-old nervously stated: ‘She stole my mom’s car once. I don’t want to get her in trouble! Sorry, Mom.’

After Jimmy tried to get more details about Dixie’s outing, Charli replied: ‘I don’t know. She probably went to a friend’s house or something. I think she just wanted to be rebellious once, and that was it. She stopped there.’

As for whether the incident took place late at night, Charli admitted: ‘I have no idea. I just remember her telling me, “Oh, yeah, I stole the car.” I was like, “OK!”‘

The social media star went on to say she doesn’t think her mom knew about the incident but hoped she wasn’t the one to reveal the news to her parents.

When Dixie was asked to give her question to the question, she ended up telling the same tale.

Charli revealed Dixie once stole their mother’s car (Picture: NBC)

Turns out, the 19-year-old had recently told her parents about the incident so luckily Charli was off the hook so sharing it with Jimmy and the world.

Dixie explained: ‘They know this. I literally just told them this a couple of weeks ago, but I did steal my mom’s car in high school to drive to my friend’s.’

Charli couldn’t hide her relief as she laughed: ‘I was so nervous she would say something else. It’s like, we just revealed two things that our parents did not know.

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