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Chrissy Teigen stole Michael Keaton’s glass of champagne after mistaking him for a waiter in awkward encounter

Chrissy Teigen has recalled probably her most embarrassing awkward celebrity encounter that saw her steal a champagne glass from Michael Keaton after mistaking him for a waiter.

Yes, the Michael Keaton of Batman and Beetlejuice fame.

Model and cookbook author Chrissy, 35, dropped by The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday where she played a game of Best, Worst, First and was forced to dish all on her best celebrity encounter.

Chrissy immediately launched into the story of the time she met Hollywood actor Michael, 69, and confessed that actually it was probably not her best encounter and more like her worst – yup, even more so than the time she accidentally insulted Katy Perry.

‘I think it was after the Golden Globes… I was drinking a lot and I saw somebody at the entrance holding a glass of champagne,’ she told host Jimmy.

‘I just went up and took it and I said, “thank you.” and John [Legend – Chrissy’s husband] goes, “that was Michael Keaton.”‘

A red-faced Chrissy was left cringing and said: ‘I’m so embarrassed by it still, I could die.’

Trying to see the silver lining in the otherwise painstakingly awkward encounter, Jimmy joked that at least Michael would have seen the funny side.

‘At least it’s Michael Keaton, he’ll be a good sport about it,’ Jimmy told her. ‘He’ll be funny and be like, “What was that all about?”‘

Still reeling, Chrissy said: I just took it and I drank it and I left.’

She also revealed her worst job ever and said it was probably the time she worked at a colour changing T-shirt shop.

Chrissy said she’s still embarrassed by the awkward moment with Keaton (Picture: NBC)

Chrissy explained: ‘I had to stand outside and lure people inside and say, “Come check this out, come check this out, check this T-shirt out, this nail polish changes…”

‘The worst bit is I quit my job because I thought I had this big opportunity to be in a Red Bull commercial but it turned out they wanted me to be one of those girls on the beach that wear the thick flip-flops and give out Red Bulls.’

She laughed: ‘I quit my entire job to give out free Red Bulls during the US Open of Surfing. And I thought it was my big break.’

Chrissy’s TV appearance comes after she was unfollowed on Twitter by US president Joe Biden. He had followed Chrissy after she had famously been blocked by the official POTUS Twitter account by former president Donald Trump.

Turns out, though, having a president follow you is just too much pressure, with Chrissy later begging Biden to hit unfollow and when he did she likened it to a break up and joked she was in dire need of some ‘Ben & Jerry’s’.

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