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Emily in Paris channels Game of Thrones in horror injury scene involving a sword and a comical amount of blood

Emily, are you okay? (Picture: Netflix)

Emily in Paris season 2 has its fair share of dramatic moments, but fans better look away during episode eight if they’re a bit squeamish with blood. 

This article contains spoilers for Emily in Paris season 2.

The second season has finally made it to Netflix after fans patiently waited for their dose of Parisienne sunshine amid the very cold UK winter.

The new batch of episodes sees some other stunning French locations included, such as St Tropez and actual Champagne.

But it’s in episode number eight – very suitably titled Champagne Problems – where viewers will see the most bizarre, yet horrific, moment yet.

Camille’s (Camille Razat) excitable dad Gerard (Christophe Guybet) goes one step too far in his enthusiasm for his champagne brand Champere, as he gets carried away with the idea of becoming the face of the brand.

Gerard can’t help but get his sword out for the occasion (Picture: Netflix)

It comes after Emily unveils her idea of opening their product in adventurous ways for a new marketing campaign.

Gerard takes it upon himself to produce a sword to open a bottle for the new campaign, an idea we could already tell was a risky one.

Emily gets ready to film the face of Champere popping his bottle in style.

Ooh la la… (Picture: Netflix)

‘Je suis, le Champere! And this is how I pop my top,’ he says, using the slogan the team at Savoir have come up with.

However, despite getting his attempt perfect, Emily unfortunately hadn’t recorded the moment to post own socials.

Camille clearly not a fan of blood (Picture: Netflix)

Camille’s brother Timothée (Victor Meutelet) handed their father another bottle in the hope of third time lucky, but it all goes disastrously wrong.

Upon attempt number three, Emily luckily gets the camera rolling in time, but they all realise quickly a sword was probably not the best prop.

Gerard chops the tip of his finger off, as well as the bottle top, leaving Camille fainting at the sight of the injury and Emily’s face splattered in blood.

Gerard is soon rushed off to hospital (Picture: Netflix)

It’s a comically gruesome scene which plays around Emily, who stands in the middle of the chaos unsure what to do next, still with her camera phone in her hand.

She’s then tasked with rushing Gerard to hospital alongside Timothée, who fans know she’s had an awkward run in with before.

Luckily, he’s okay and is soon patched up, but that’s not without the story quickly getting out – thanks to the aid of the on-hand photographer.

It’s the ultimate set of cringe, yet hilarious unravelling of events, which comes shortly after Camille and Emily finally patch up their feud…

Emily in Paris season 2 can be streamed in full on Netflix now.

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