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From fake tan disasters to commando confessions: Richard Madeley’s most hectic Good Morning Britain moments

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No-one brings chaotic energy to our screens quite like Richard Madeley, and we love him for it.

Whenever it’s announced that Richard is stepping in on Good Morning Britain, you just know there’ll be some TV gold on the way.

He’s more Alan Partridge than a millennium barn dance at Yeovil aerodrome hosted by Jet from Gladiators, and Richard has been bringing us some of the most inexplicable and utterly unmissable TV moments for years.

For confessions on going commando to vein-popping rants, he’s brought us so many brilliant exchanges down the years – some of which have to be seen to be believed.

These are his most hectic moments on Good Morning Britain.

The fake tan disaster

In scenes recalling classic Friends episode The One With Ross’s Tan, Richard was left ‘looking like Donald Trump’ after having an absolute disaster with his fake tan.

During an episode of Good Morning Britain – which Richard later described as the ‘most embarrassing’ moment of his TV career – the presenter mistakenly used fake tan after first waking up after looking to borrow his daughter Chloe’s moisturiser.

Explaining the gaffe, he said: ‘3.30am in the kitchen, my face was dry from shaving, I put on some moisturiser, got in the car, drove in.

‘Flash forward to 8am and I could hear the director in the gallery whispering to people and there was giggling going on.

‘They said, “You’re trending Richard.” And I said, “Why?” And they said, because you’re going darker and darker and darker. I had. I was doing a Donald Trump!’

He added: ‘It turned out, what I’d done is, at 3am, I’d put my daughter’s artificial tan on and it was strong stuff. It was humiliating. But the attention that that got! That’s funny and it was very funny.’

The commando confession

Richard loves nothing more than telling everyone about his pants – or lack of them – and he took the opportunity to let viewers not that he hasn’t worn underwear for a decade.

Back in April 2019, Richard dropped the bombshell that he likes to go commando, and people had no idea how to react.

He was accused of oversharing by some during a conversation about pants, after discussing a study which revealed 80 per cent of men keep their underwear for a decade or more.

‘I have been [commando] forever. I can’t remember the last time I wore pants,’ he said.

‘Are you not worried you might split your trousers when you’re out and about?’ his co-host Charlotte Hawkins asked.

Richard admitted: ‘I could have walked around with my flies undone. That could have been seriously embarrassing.’

Maybe just keep things like that to yourself next time, Richard?

Calling Oxford students ‘thick’

You may have recently seen the storm in a teacup recently concerning the Oxford students who provoked outrage after taking down a picture of the Queen.

It came after Oxford University’s Magdalen College confirmed that post-graduate students had voted to take down the portrait, which had been on display for eight years, with some suggesting the symbol of the monarchy ‘represent recent colonial history’.

It was a hot topic for a while earlier this month, and provoked one of Richard’s more bizarre moments on Good Morning Britain.

After his co-host Susanna Reid suggested that the Queen had been ‘cancelled’, the presenter pulled a £10 note from his pocket and waved it at the camera.

‘If you’re watching at Magdalen – and you won’t be as you won’t be awake until nine or 10 – but assuming that you are, would you rip this up?’ he asked. ‘It’s got a picture of the Queen on it. Bit of colonial culture going on there. So would you stop using cash?’

He added: ‘Actually, I can’t help think this is a wind-up because it’s so stupid. It’s really thick.’

Perfectly normal behaviour from Richard, there.

Arguing with medical expert Dr Hilary Jones

You’d think Good Morning’s Dr Hilary Jones, a medical expert , would be well placed to advise on medical matters – but Richard seemed to disagree recently when taking issue with the doctor’s stance on the delayed lockdown.

Richard argued with the doctor about the delay to lockdown easing on June 21, refusing to listen to the science suggesting it’s the safest way to deal with the rising Covid numbers.

Richard argued: ‘But we have now authorities ministers who’ve stated – repeatedly now after two weeks in the past – that the vaccines have damaged the hyperlink between Covid and hospitalisations and deaths. They’ve damaged the hyperlink.’

Dr Hilary replied: ‘And that’s the reason we must be somewhat extra affected person, get all people vaccinated after which we will begin occupied with lifting restrictions. If we do it too early, there is a threat of going the place we had been again earlier than.’

Not having it, Richard hit back by saying: ‘What you and other people in your camp say Hilary, is that delay should not essentially be a few weeks and even a few months, it might need to run as much as Christmas. And I do not suppose the general public are going to put on that.’

Interview with a nudist family 

Things can often turn surreal when Richard’s on our screens, and never more so than earlier this week when the presenter held a bizarre interview with a family of nudists.

The item with nudists Carol and Colin Wood and their daughter Angie, which saw them speak from behind a hay bail to protect their modesty, was branded as ‘excruciating’ by viewers.

Susanna Reid defended her and Richard’s interview, taking to Twitter to reply to the controversy, saying: ‘Whatever do you mean…? Nothing excruciating about interviewing three nudists behind hay bales in a field…’

It just proves that when Richard’s on the programme, strange things tend to happen.

‘The dog has to die’

There’s no room for sentiment in Richard’s world, as he showed during a brutal section discussing animal care that left viewers spitting out their morning coffee.

In one of his most Partridge-esque gaffes ever, Richard had a ruthless summary of a news story, which saw a teacher remortgage her home to save her dog’s life. (Watch it right at the very end of the YouTube clip above).

Summing things up succinctly, Richard said: ‘What price do you put on your pet’s care? Is there a point where you just say, “Too expensive, the dog has to die?”’

Never change, Richard. Never change.

Good Morning Britain airs on weekdays at 6am on ITV.

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