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Good Morning Britain awkwardly cuts to an advert break during James Brolin’s interview thanks to the perils of technology

Good Morning Britain’s interview with James Brolin was hampered by technology as the programme was forced to go to an advert break after they spoke to him for all of a minute.

The star was on Friday’s episode to promote his new Netflix series Sweet Tooth, about the survivors of a deadly pandemic who are forced into a battle for survival in a post-apocalyptic world.

James narrates the fantasy series and was excited to tell hosts Ben Shephard and Kate Garraway about working on the project with its executive producers, Avengers star Robert Downey Jr and his wife Susan Downey.

Asking the presenters about the time difference he joked that is ‘not up yet’ as it was still the evening before in America.

As James mentioned Robert’s involvement in Sweet Tooth his screen faded to black, prompting Ben to quip he had ‘powered down’.

‘He’s turned himself off because he’s not up,’ Kate added.

They did manage to get him back but not entirely, as they could no longer hear James when he spoke.

Pausing the segment so they could try to get him back, Ben said: ‘James now we can’t hear you I’m so sorry. I tell you what we’re gonna do, we’re gonna take a short break…we’re gonna try and sort out James’ technical issues and get back to him very shortly.’

Kate laughed: ‘I feel like I’m in a post-apocalyptic fairy tale!’

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James Brolin was cut off mid interview (Picture: ITV)

However after the break they revealed they had not managed to successfully get James back.

‘The post apocalyptic virus has got James and his connection,’ Ben said, ‘we can’t get him back.

‘What we were trying to do, we’ll try and get him back in in the next few weeks because it’s going to be on Netflix for a while.’

Kate added: ‘Make sure you watch it, we’ll get James Brolin back and then we’ll have a whole [interview].’

‘You got to Hollywood, the home of showbiz and their wi-fi failed them!’ Ben said.

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays from 6am on ITV.

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