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Grayson’s Art Club series 2: First look at Boy George’s eccentric painting for new season launch

Grayson’s Art Club is set to bring joy to the nation once more when it returns to our screens for series two, with celebrity guest star Boy George demonstrating his artistic skill with a mixed-media artwork.

Last year, Grayson Perry’s art programme offered escapism at the height of the pandemic, with the artist and his wife Philippa Perry challenging viewers to create art based on certain themes.

After the six-episode programme came to an end in June, a special aired in December, which followed Grayson as he attempted to open an exhibition featuring artworks made during the first series.

Tonight, the second series of Grayson’s Art Club is set to launch, with an exclusive clip shared by showing Boy George using the theme ‘family’ to devise a unique, otherworldly painting.

In the footage from the first episode, Boy George unveils his piece, which features three individuals – the one at the front with blue skin, a purple-beaded mouth, white-beaded eyes and a brown hat embellished with gold sequins.

Boy George explains to Grayson over video chat that he was afraid he was going to ‘ruin’ his piece when he added beads to the mouth of the figure in the foreground.

Boy George brings his artwork to live with jewels and sequins (Picture: Channel 4)

The musician says: ‘When I did the mouth I was worried I was going to ruin it, but I actually really love the mouth now. It’s got kind of quite a demented look about it. She’s as mad as a box of socks.’

Grayson remarks that the use of face jewels makes him feel ‘very nostalgic’, adding: ‘I’m a big fan of the face jewel.’

Boy George shares an insight into his artistic process, stating: ‘When you start beading it, it kind of takes something quite ordinary and makes it quite emotional.

Grayson loves Boy George’s use of ‘face jewels’ (Picture: Channel 4)

‘You suddenly start beading the eyes and putting a bead here and there and suddenly they get a serious look, or a little bit defiant or a little bit hateful or indifferent.

‘In a way, doing a piece for your show – because I never do anything that’s a theme really – so it was quite nice. The last two nights I was up at 4am sewing, but I was really enjoying it.’

While he is best known as the lead singer of Culture Club, Boy George has ventured into the world of visual art before.

Last year, he created an artwork for Project Zero to raise money for the preservation of the ocean.

In addition to Boy George, Harry Hill will also be appearing on the first episode of Grayson’s Art Club’s new series, showcasing a piece of performance art.

The show will also feature stories from several contributors.

Grayson’s Art Club airs tonight at 8pm on Channel 4.


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