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Has anyone ever scored zero on Come Dine With Me?

My Celebrity Life –
Has anyone ever scored a perfect 40? (Picture: Channel 4)

Come Dine With Me is undeniably one of Channel 4‘s most popular programmes, reaching a whopping 45 series and counting.

Those contestants lucky enough to be picked for the show have the challenge of prepping and serving a three-course meal for several contestants to judge – and trying to please all of your fellow diners isn’t always easy.

All of their culinary effort is in a bid to score as many as 40 points – the highest score possible on the series – and win a £1,000 cash prize.

But has anyone ever scored out at zero? Let’s find out…

Has anyone ever scored zero on Come Dine With Me?

No one has ever scored zero in Come Done With Me history, but contestant Lee received a shockingly low seven in a 2009 episode.

Wolverhampton man Lee Pritchett spent ages getting his starter ready, prompting diner Natalie Middleton to ask when it’d be coming.

My Celebrity Life –
Lee scored just seven out of a possible 40 in 2009 (Picture: Facebook/Channel 4)

He then snapped at his guests as he revealed he still had ‘loads left to do, with one diner saying: ‘If this was a restaurant, I’d have walked out ages ago.’

Eventually, Lee skipped the starter on his menu, leaving diners to crack on with their sub-par main course.

Natalie gave him a ‘generous’ three, Mike Brett offered up a three, while the third guest Farida Kalifa said he was ‘lucky’ to get a one.

It does seem he only had three guests, rather than four, though.

Channel 4 relived the cringeworthy score on Facebook in January 2020.

Has anyone scored 40 on Come Dine With Me?

Sadly, no-one has yet to score the ultimate top marks of 40 out of 40.

Though one contestant came close in a series three episode of the show, scoring 39 out of 40.

My Celebrity Life –
No one has ever scored 40/40 (Picture: Channel 4)

The moment was revisited on Come Dine With Me’s Facebook page in April 2020.

Ian impressed three of four diners enough to get 10 marks a piece – with one even referring to the evening’s meal as ‘perfect’.

Unluckily, the fourth diner, Margaret, gave Ian a 9 – because she wasn’t impressed by still water being served in plastic bottles, nor a chip in one of Ian’s pyrex serving dishes.

When is Come Dine With Me on?

You can currently see Come Dine With Me on weekdays on 4seven from 2.30pm

Couples Come Dine With Me is available to watch on All4.

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