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Hawkeye episode 6: Could major Marvel character still be alive after supposed death in finale? Fans explore theory

Clint and Kate face threats on all fronts (Picture: Marvel Studios/Disney Plus)

Warning: spoilers ahead for Hawkeye.

The episode 6 finale of Hawkeye on Disney Plus left much to be discussed, including the fate of an extremely significant character as Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) and Kate Bishop’s (Hailee Steinfeld) adventure came to an epic conclusion.

Last week, it was confirmed in the Marvel series that Vincent D’Onofrio had returned as the imposing Wilson Fisk, otherwise known as Kingpin, the puppeteer of the underworld.

In the final episode, Echo (Alaqua Cox) faces up against her former boss, who she discovered was the person responsible for her father’s death.

As Maya Lopez squares up opposite the Daredevil villain, she pulls out her gun, with a gunshot heard as the camera pans above their heads.

However, as many people know when watching films or TV shows, if you don’t see a death on screen, chances are the person who’s suspected dead is actually still alive.


After watching the episode, several viewers expressed their horror that Fisk had been killed off so quickly, especially before reuniting with Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdock in the MCU.

Nonetheless, some were quick to point out that a similar storyline played out in the Marvel comics, in which Kingpin survived.

Does Kingpin really die in Hawkeye?

Maya has a score to settle with Kingpin (Picture: Marvel Studios/Disney Plus/Chuck Zlotnick)

In a Daredevil comic published in 1998, a similar scenario unfolds, with Maya pointing her gun at Fisk after learning the role he played in her father’s death.

The skilled fighter shoots Kingpin at point-blank range – but rather than be finished off, he lives, and is instead blinded by the incident.


With Echo set to star in her own eponymous TV show, this could mean that Kingpin may reappear in the series.

Whether the storyline will mirror the comic book storyline exactly – which sees Fisk eventually regain his sight – is a point of discussion that will surely be debated among fans for months to come.

Following his character’s return, Vincent shared a shadowy photo of himself dressed as Fisk on Twitter, alongside the caption: ‘A rising tide lifts all boats.’

Fans responded by celebrating his comeback, with several expressing their hope that this isn’t the end of Kingpin.

‘I refuse to believe that’s the last we see of you sir. (It’s a pleasure to have you back!),’ one person said.

‘Can’t wait to see you again in the Echo series. Welcome back to the MCU, Mr. Fisk,’ another wrote.

Hawkeye is available to watch on Disney Plus.


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