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His Dark Materials fans ‘in awe’ of Ruth Wilson and Dafne Keen after latest episode

Warning: spoilers ahead for season two episode five of His Dark Materials.

Viewers who watched the latest episode of His Dark Materials were taken aback by Ruth Wilson and Dafne Keen’s ‘powerful’ performances as Mrs Coulter and Lyra Silvertongue, as the mother and daughter are finally reunited in an intense scene.

During the latest instalment of the new series, Lyra and Will Parry (Amir Wilson) successfully carry out a heist to retrieve the Alethiometer from Lord Boreal (Ariyon Bakare), who had previously stolen it.

Having hatched a plan to use the Subtle Knife to cut a portal into Lord Boreal’s basement, where the Alethiometer is being kept, Lyra and Will find themselves locked in the room with Lord Boreal and the devilish Mrs Coulter (Ruth Wilson), who they hadn’t realised would be there.

Mrs Coulter tries to sweet-talk Lyra, before telling her daughter to stay away from Will, who has been cornered by the conniving Lord Boreal.

This statement prompts Lyra to turn on her mother, launching an attack through her daemon Pantalaimon, who transforms into a ferocious animal and charges at Mrs Coulter’s golden monkey daemon, causing Mrs Coulter to fall to the ground in pain.

Numerous His Dark Materials fans expressed their admiration for Ruth and Dafne’s acting skills during their heated exchange, with one person saying they are ‘in awe’ of the actors.





At one point in the scene, Lyra makes a snarling expression on her face, which is reminiscent of an expression Mrs Coulter made when her daemon attacked Lyra’s in the first season.

Several Twitter users pointed out this parallel, with some theorising that it could be a sign that Lyra shares more similarities with her mother than she realises.

‘The parallels… I’m not okay,’ one person tweeted, sharing two pictures of Lyra and Mrs Coulter side-by-side as they make the same facial expression.

‘Like mother like daughter,’ a few other people wrote.





While the TV adaptation of His Dark Materials shows Lyra and Mrs Coulter’s daemons engaging in a fight in Lord Boreal’s house, Lyra and Will’s mission to fetch the Alethiometer plays out differently in the books.

In the original source material, Lyra and Will are able to snatch the Alethiometer out of Lord Boreal’s grasp by creating multiple portals and throwing stones at his house as a source of distraction.

While this version of the Alethiometer heist deviates from The Subtle Knife novel, the decision to place Lyra, Will, Mrs Coulter and Lord Boreal in one room unquestionably created an electric TV moment.

His Dark Materials returns next Sunday at 8.10pm on BBC One.


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